New forum format


Oh, like this one, above. But not this top 10 link below.


OTOH, if we’re going to put a couple of giant corporations up on a pedestal :star_struck: then we should also look at their warts;

Such as Microsoft’s blending of Windows 98 and NT to form Windows 2000. Remember that? Ugh.

Or the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s up-in-flames lithium-ion battery problems.


This is my first post since the forum changed. I’m just posting to test it out.
So far I like the look. It will take some work to get used to using it but that’s the case with all new software.


Maybe this will help some of you who are having trouble with this new format.

Whenever you are lost and need to get back home :houses: just Click the Blue Ear Logo-with-old-man-hair coming out of it. The Blue Ear Logo is always in the upper left corner of your display.



I thought it was sideburns brushed back to cover a hearing aid.


Elvis is still alive!


Easy Rider!


This conversation had me laughing out loud. Might need to start thinking about a new logo :joy::joy:


@abram_bailey_aud I used to be able to highlight a piece of text on a post and a quote icon would appear so when I click on this icon, it would include this highlighted snippet in a quote on my reply. But I can no longer do that as of this morning. Do you know what happened? I found it useful. My workaround for now is to quote the whole post and remove what I don’t want to include, but that takes more time. Thanks.


It is still working for me. What OS, browser, and device are you using?


Sorry to bug you, it didn’t work earlier this morning for me but now it does again. It’s been working just fine until this morning, so I guess it’s just a temporary glitch somewhere momentarily.


Don’t forget to Log in :slight_smile:


Good point. But I know I was logged in because I tried it just before I sent the post to Abram, so it must be something else. I tried it on different posts/threads. Took about 5 minutes of experimenting in various places before I decided to ask Abram.


Okay, what about a situation like this. You click a link from your email to get to hearing tracker forums. Then you open a new browser tab, also in hearing tracker forums, and you log in to hearing tracker forums on the second tab. In this case the Quote feature works on your second browser tab, but not on your first.


I can see how it can happen in the scenario you described. But I always have a browser tab opened for the forum where I’m already always logged in. In this case, even if I click a link from my email to view and respond, it’d open up a second browser where I’m still logged in automatically because I’m already logged in from the other browser tab in the first place.

But I usually don’t click on my email link to respond to a post. I only go to that main browser tab already opened for the forum and go from there.

But you’re right that if one is not logged in then one won’t see the “quote” option when highlighting the texts in a post.


@pvc @abram OK interesting, this issue happens to me again this morning. Except this time I got it screen captured to show below. As you can see, I’m logged in because my avatar is showing on the upper right corner. But you can see on the blue highlighted text, there’s no “Quote” icon to select.

It’s no big deal, though. If I log out and log back in then it works again. Just thought I’d report it one more time although the workaround is easy enough and it doesn’t happen often enough.


There is an update for the forum software. I’ll go ahead and apply that and see if we can get you some relief :slight_smile:

Update has been completed. Please let me know if the issue continues!


I hated the Pebble forum, and this one has the same problem - no straightforward way of marking a forum section as read. It also has a weird algorithm for deciding which threads you care about and if not, it doesn’t show them as unread. Drives me crazy.


Hmmmm; It works for me to mark things as already read. When you read a topic you will start from the top initially. But after you read all the replies you will start from the bottom when you return to read this topic again. You will also start from the top if you are not logged on.

Do you use the Blue ear for navigation? That may help to show you the new replies.

See Tip #1-Hearing Tracker Tips.


I’m surprised to hear this reaction that the forum is hard to know which thread/post has been read or not. But maybe we navigate it differently so we see things different.

For me I just make sure I have all categories and just click on Latest to see which thread/post have been updated. If a thread has new post since I last viewed it, it’ll show the number of new posts. If I’m interested in that thread, I’d just click on that number and it jumps right to those new posts at the end.

If you narrow down on the categories then it’s a little trickier because you just have to remember that your visibility is limited only to that category only. So you may have to step back up to all categories again to see everything.

There is also a line separating threads that I haven’t seen with updates from the last time I visited on the top, with the older threads before I last visited at the bottom.

I find that with this way of navigation I can tell right away which whether there are posts in a thread I’ve read already or not.

Also, threads that I don’t participate in but has new updates show up with a darker black than those I already read so I can tell. And new threads has the “new” indicator at the bottom right.