New forum format


Oh, that is way cool! The Audiogram charts are displaying now. A pretty graph to replace the numbers we used to use. The old numbers got all skewed because we didn’t have BB code to keep them straight.


Not perfect. Having a little trouble getting the frequency to display properly in the popup for the interoctave frequencies… but otherwise, I’d say it’s an improvement on the manually coded tables.


Perfect example. In the space a person could type 1000 useful words I get a photo of a pencil.


Now that there is funny!
However, it’s not really a photo of a pencil. In reality it is a pointer (or a link) to a picture of a pencil that already exists somewhere on some other server that remains always connected to the Internet. So it takes up very little space.

Actually it takes up far less space than your 1000 words of wisdom.

ETA: Whoops, sorry I uploaded this one. You are right it takes up more space. :slight_smile:


@grantb5 OTOH, here’s a thread of mine that shows how to Self Program the Oticon Alta Pro. This thread has many pointers (or a links) to pictures that already exist somewhere on some other server (namely a Flickr photo sharing server) that remains always connected to the Internet. It takes up very little room on this forum. Far less than it would take to describe the process using only words and no pictures.


Thanks for sticking with me. :wink: I didn’t mean hard disk space, I meant space on the page. I’m all for the visual appeal of whitespace, but these pages contain so little content that you have to scroll endlessly. Anyway, glad the old content is still around (accessible), unlike facebook.


Oh, when you are logged on the system remembers/bookmarks where you left off in a thread. When you return it will position you where you were in that thread. Of course, if you are not logged on then you always start at the top.


other forums do that. all the wasted space leads to more ‘clicks’ and is used by some webpages to the point I just don’t go there anymore. The format is in the way of the content.


Try something like this


@abram_bailey_aud Sometimes when you reply to a post that has a link (to another post in this case) the link is lost and turned into plain text? Other times it works fine.

It drops the link in this topic Pure 13BT firmware updates and specifically when you try to reply and quote this text with a link,
I wouldn’t worry too much about Firmware updates unless you have a problem.


Gahh! It’s the worst!!! I can’t find any answers or even the discussion groups that were so helpful to visit, and I’m not a computer newby! I feel badly as I sent my 85 year old MIL here, thinking she could peruse the topics, but it will just make her go crazy!!! yuck.


It’s like new hearing aids. It takes a while for your brain to get used to it. Some ppl hate it! Scroll up and watch that video for starters. Sorry if I appear to be a Fan Boy. Just trying to provide you with tips.


@Didy have you located the tags page? Click on the little icon next to your avatar (circle D) in the upper right hand corner and then click on Tags. All the old categories are there.


Also check out the Tags menu on the hope page



One thing I find annoying is having to scroll the top of the last post to the top of the screen before it will mark as being read. Is there a workaround for this?


Yeah, just go to your unread category and then select all and clear them.



Agreed! I showed this forum to my sons - both software developers (Microsoft and Boeing). They said it is crap. haha! Thanks for ruining a once great resource Hearing Tracker, or whatever you call yourself. Boo.


Well, I am an outdated developer but was better than average back in the day.

I find this software very usable. It is different in concept from the old software. Once you understand what the developers intended, I don’t have a problem with the software here.

Any flaws at this point are mine. I keep wanting to use the back-arrow and it isn’t needed. If you go to the bottom post, it marks it read. Just underneath it are the unread post and you just click one the next to read. There are less keystrokes involved which is a good thing.

I didn’t care for it at first but, after learning the programmers intent, I find it quite usable; in fact, easy to use.


I appreciate the feedback, but I am confident that your sons had the same initial reaction that I had (I didn’t understand it at first). Discourse is very popular with software engineers, as can be seen here (top 10 sites using discourse), so I am fairly confident that they would come to appreciate the forum (as I have) with time and usage. My personal opinion is that Discourse is lightyears ahead of the old VB forum in speed, usability, and functionality, but to each their own. Thankfully for every instant rejection of the new software, there are users like @KenP and @pvc who has taken the time to get to know the power of the new platform.


@pvc from what I can tell the links should never come through on quotes. Can you show me an example of where links come through on quotes? I was reading this: Quoted replies don't keep original formatting - feature - Discourse Meta