New forum format


Well the colorful alphabetical circles are no longer meaningless if you upload a Custom Picture/avatar. It could be something like this,

The colorful alphabetical circles make a lot more sense when you have an Avatar. Try searching OpenClipArt for an Avatar. Or, a picture of yourself if you are not shy or concerned about privacy. Do a Google search for “Free Avatar” to get ideas. Here’s how to upload it;


Now go back and look at the latest activity and see how it looks with the few who have avatars. Starting to make sense, eh?


It’s content of the post that’s important not an icon. To me it’s clutter.


Well yeah, that’s true. But what if you wanted a quick view of what a jerk like me has recently posted in these forums. You should be able to obtain that information visually in very rapid fashion by looking at avatars/logos.

My apologies, if you have already made up your mind and you think that I am beating a dead horse. I’ll shut up now.


Nah, I try to keep opened minded. But this format just strikes me as trying to improve on something that the canned forum software…which should be familiar to anyone who visit several different forums, like me…and creates a learning curve…just for this site.


There are lots of forums using this software (we didn’t invent it). Here’s a couple examples:


And Twitter:


I’ll pipe in with a giant I don’t care. I’m here for the content. Oh… new thing…alright…got it. Carry on.
Like others have said, I’ve come to really like the main page with the list of newest activity posts.


Okay Mr (Ho-hum/unconcerned/I-don’t-care/here-for-content) with the Z10 wooden Scrabble piece as your avatar.
Maybe you care a little. :grinning:


So pvc (or maybe more specifically abram_bailey_aud) when are you going to get your most excellent self-programming series of posts sticky’d and locked (except for you)? They become the go-to reference on the top and they don’t get cluttered if they’re locked. Just reference.


I don’t care to have them stickied.

btw> Anyone is welcome to post on any of my threads.


Hmm…no comment :slight_smile: New leaf, new site, hatchets buried and all that.

Then hey Admin…can I nominate posts for sticky-hood and/or locked-ness?


I will give myself a few weeks to try and figure this out. I joined this original forum about 7 years ago - about a year before telling myself I really needed to do it.

Question - where do I enter the “numbers” from my chart that I want to show on bottom of posts.


I don’t like the very dark background but the old blue surrounds just kind of toned down the brightness somewhat. I do like the cool pics/vids but don’t really think I’ll need them much. Thanks for the options though.


Yes, I am enjoying the logo too. Glad you got the bookworm reference - book louse just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

I think it is going to take a while for everyone to find and use all the features here. Abram seems helpful and willing to take the time to detail how to get the most out of the new forum so hopefully that will reduce the adjustment time - after all we are all used to making adjustments by now! The avatars really do help to easily spot who is posting.


You can enter it like this. But it won’t display yet. Display coming soon, I think.

How do I fill out the Audiogram?

We are working on it… Thanks for your patience @pvc


I agree, this forum just provides the forum owner with a better way to monetize our presence here. It shows far less useful information in a given amount of space. The old VBulletin and other platforms matured over many years into something very useful and the posts were forever available.


I have a different opinion;

= old school, =

discourse = Cool =




Also this video might help,


Got more good news @pvc … Try clicking on your avatar now. You should see this:


Also @grantb5 it’s easy to find recent, try clicking the Hearing Tracking Logo and then Click Latest