New forum format


I don’t care to have them stickied.

btw> Anyone is welcome to post on any of my threads.


Hmm…no comment :slight_smile: New leaf, new site, hatchets buried and all that.

Then hey Admin…can I nominate posts for sticky-hood and/or locked-ness?


I will give myself a few weeks to try and figure this out. I joined this original forum about 7 years ago - about a year before telling myself I really needed to do it.

Question - where do I enter the “numbers” from my chart that I want to show on bottom of posts.


I don’t like the very dark background but the old blue surrounds just kind of toned down the brightness somewhat. I do like the cool pics/vids but don’t really think I’ll need them much. Thanks for the options though.


Yes, I am enjoying the logo too. Glad you got the bookworm reference - book louse just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

I think it is going to take a while for everyone to find and use all the features here. Abram seems helpful and willing to take the time to detail how to get the most out of the new forum so hopefully that will reduce the adjustment time - after all we are all used to making adjustments by now! The avatars really do help to easily spot who is posting.


You can enter it like this. But it won’t display yet. Display coming soon, I think.

How do I fill out the Audiogram?

We are working on it… Thanks for your patience @pvc


I agree, this forum just provides the forum owner with a better way to monetize our presence here. It shows far less useful information in a given amount of space. The old VBulletin and other platforms matured over many years into something very useful and the posts were forever available.


I have a different opinion;

= old school, =

discourse = Cool =




Also this video might help,


Got more good news @pvc … Try clicking on your avatar now. You should see this:


Also @grantb5 it’s easy to find recent, try clicking the Hearing Tracking Logo and then Click Latest


Oh, that is way cool! The Audiogram charts are displaying now. A pretty graph to replace the numbers we used to use. The old numbers got all skewed because we didn’t have BB code to keep them straight.


Not perfect. Having a little trouble getting the frequency to display properly in the popup for the interoctave frequencies… but otherwise, I’d say it’s an improvement on the manually coded tables.


Perfect example. In the space a person could type 1000 useful words I get a photo of a pencil.


Now that there is funny!
However, it’s not really a photo of a pencil. In reality it is a pointer (or a link) to a picture of a pencil that already exists somewhere on some other server that remains always connected to the Internet. So it takes up very little space.

Actually it takes up far less space than your 1000 words of wisdom.

ETA: Whoops, sorry I uploaded this one. You are right it takes up more space. :slight_smile:


@grantb5 OTOH, here’s a thread of mine that shows how to Self Program the Oticon Alta Pro. This thread has many pointers (or a links) to pictures that already exist somewhere on some other server (namely a Flickr photo sharing server) that remains always connected to the Internet. It takes up very little room on this forum. Far less than it would take to describe the process using only words and no pictures.


Thanks for sticking with me. :wink: I didn’t mean hard disk space, I meant space on the page. I’m all for the visual appeal of whitespace, but these pages contain so little content that you have to scroll endlessly. Anyway, glad the old content is still around (accessible), unlike facebook.


Oh, when you are logged on the system remembers/bookmarks where you left off in a thread. When you return it will position you where you were in that thread. Of course, if you are not logged on then you always start at the top.


other forums do that. all the wasted space leads to more ‘clicks’ and is used by some webpages to the point I just don’t go there anymore. The format is in the way of the content.