New forum format


Just so you’ll know, this forum format is extremely poor as compared to before.

There are many forums on the internet on many different topics. Many use the same software with their customization…and that software works quite well. You’ve tried to reinvent the wheel, and failed. This is intended to be CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, but this format just is not going to work well at all.


One feature I really like is being able to read all new messages without ever have to back out to load another. It solid enough I don’t care about any little gotchas. Try it for a while. Maybe you’ll agree.


I love the way you can see all the new messages on the main Forum landing page without having to drill down on a forum.

Yes…it’s different. Just means you have to get used to something different. Older folks don’t like change but this 54 year old is A-Ok with it. Same people, same good info.



I think this new format is going to turn off a lot of new users. It’s just too hard to drill down and find information, if you’ve been using internet forums for a while.

That’s a real shame, too. There’s a ton of good information here, but this setup just makes it too hard to find, especially for the new member. Isn’t that who this forum is mostly about?


It will just take some people a bit of getting used to but do persevere. Anything new will get some criticism because it is different and unfamiliar. I’m reserving judgement until I get used to the new site.

So far I don’t really like the bright white background. A bit harsh but will give it time.


I’m not sure if you would prefer the “dark” theme, but you can select that in your preferences. You may need to logout and back in to see the option, as I’ve just enabled it:


Carol; I like your bookworm logo. I was wondering what a square logo would look like after cropping into a circle? Just a few cut corners is all. When do you think UB will find time to upload his “purdy”/:wink: green C-H logo?


Tried to login this morning, but had to create a new account. Login would not accept my old password to make a change. E-mail not recognized!

I am now number 50, with no obvious way to change it in my account. This should be a simple thing to do.


Same as Member39 I dunno??


We are working on it. If you received the email to activate your account, your account should still exist. Did you receive the activation email to the address you had on file at the old forum?


Just to add more info, the email is titled “Action Required: Claim Your Hearing Aid Forums Account”


The Upload feature is sick! (meaning good).

When you see something on your screen that you want to reference? Just use the Windows Snipping Tool (included in all Windows versions) to draw a rectangle around that image, capture that image and save it to a file.
Then, when you are replying or starting a new topic use the Upload feature to add your snipped image, like this:

FYI> I used another tool (IrfanView) to draw the red arrow pointing to the Upload feature.

ETA: Though I like abram_bailey_aud’s arrows much better!


@pvc, I’m about to blow your mind. You can copy images to your clipboard and paste them into the text box. No need to use the upload tool. I absolutely love it. Also, when pasting a link just paste it on a newline to get the nice box like showing below. Also, you can do this with youtube links too (a video will render on the page).

For a better screenshot tool check out:


Wow! Just right-click an image, select Copy Image, and then paste on the next line, Wow!!


Weird, for that one copy pasting didn’t work, but I copied the gifs url ( and pasted it below to get it working.


Ok, got it. This is great fun.


You’re too polite. This format just plain sucks, I can;t stand it. So long…


But you got all those pretty colorful mean less circles…


I posted this elsewhere, but thought it should be added here as well. It seems like a good overview on the Discourse platform, which we are using for the new forum:

We are using a slightly different layout where we show categories on the front page. “Latest” is also available on the tabs for this forum though.


Sorry, I had to :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously @zedd happy to have you at the forum, and check out the youtube video I posted before giving up on the forum format. And to @jcummins suggestion that we’ve reinvented the wheel… this isn’t really a new forum format. It’s been around for a while, and is used by big brands like Twitter. See: