New firmware update for Marvels

I had already done the update from last fall, but yesterday when I connected the aids, I got a message about a new update. I did it, but have no idea what it does. Anyone else done a new firmware update? What did it do, if anything?

The notes for Target 6.2.8 include the notes for the firmware update:

HI Firmware Updates

  • Audéo M al performance levels, 312, 312T, 13T, R, RT

  • Bolero M all performance levels, M, PR

  • Sky M all performance levels, M, PR

  • Solved issues with reboots at low temperature

  • Improved stability for all rechargeable devices

Thanks for that. I guess I missed it the last time I updated Target.
Nothing that would affect me.

Actually it would benefit your Audeo M aids. The update includes them.
I did the update with mine. Haven’t noticed any difference but they are sure not worse. The update concerning rechargeable is what got my attention. I had one issue that scared me some time back. With me buying aids off eBay I sure hope for reliability.