New Facebook Group

For those who lurk on Facebook, I’ve created this extension of the Hearing Aid Forum:

I don’t want to pull people away from this forum, but I just thought it would be nice to have a Facebook group as well, since we have a really strong community here. Thanks for joining, and see you there :slight_smile:

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Oh come on man :slight_smile: …open it up to the world. I hate having to log in to sites. To interact with the site sure but not just to read.

Perfect! I just Liked your page.


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what a fab idea I’ve just s asked to join as I’m a daily Facebook user.

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I too just asked to join! Looking forward to how the FB site works out.

I hope this forum stays active for those who don’t, or won’t, drink the Facebook kool-aid.

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If I would flatter myself with imagining I might be at all missed then see y’all later. I’ll miss you folks though.
I don’t drink Facebook (or Apple) Kool-Aid :slight_smile:

Which is why I pleaded with Abram above to open it up for reading.

Another Facebookphobe here, I’m afraid. Not for me.

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I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying make the Facebook group content public? I think that’s what you mean, and in fact, that is how I set it up.

I have no clue what terminology is needed for facebook-speak but many facebook sites are open to the public for reading. One does not HAVE to log in. It constantly pesters you to, sure, but one can still read the content.

When I click on your link above I get log in required. If I duckduckgo - hearing tracker facebook - I get a facebook page with content. Not your hearing tracker interestingly enough but an open facebook page with its content.

Edit: Oh…hold on…I double checked that hearing tracker facebook search I did where I got content and I can get there. It seems to turn out it is in fact yours. Maybe the problem is your link that you provided.
Hearing Tracker facebook
I’m just not sure it’s your forum-related facebook page.

So that is our business Facebook page … A place where we share interesting articles and provide updates on what Hearing Tracker is up to … The forum group should be accessible to anyone logged into Facebook, but unfortunately there is no way to make a Facebook group public to non-Facebook users. I am on the fence about Facebook myself, but figured I would just be proactive in creating a community there for those that do spend most of their time drinking kool-aid :wink:

I don’t really see a need for it. Personally I do not do Facebook so I will not be able to see it. What content will be missing here in order for it to be on Facebook? Or is it about duplication. I really dislike the way Facebook is used by business with everyone asking customers to “like” them.

I agree. I do not want to get email from Facebook every time sombody sneezes over there!