New EasyLine/KS10 app update for iPhone

Just came through here in Australia - new EasyLine app (v 3.0.3)

Apparently fixed the automatic reversion to auto sense with Bluetooth events on the KS10s.
Looking at it- also fixed a few other things as well. Fine tuning sliders have changed. Program selection controls changed.

Nb it resets all your statistics when you update…


I now also see that you can add a custom program to the KS10s via the EasyLine app.

In my case I had only 2 additional (out of 3 possible) programs (music and telecoil) plus autosense. I can now add the last used programme (TV for example) and that is now my third programme available with the push buttons.
No idea what happens if you have three already.

I can now confirm that even after charging/restarting the KS10s overnight, the new custom program maintains it position as the third selectable program with the HA buttons!