New Digital Hearing Aids

When the new digital hearing aids come out from each brands in the market?
Is it in March or May?

New hearing aids are usually released in Mid April every year at the AAA convention. This year, the AAA convention is in Denver, I believe around the 21’st of April, 2007.

I will be attending as I do every year and will report.

Ok, let us know since I am interesting to see the new technology in hearing aids come out. I hope it will improve the background noise environment.

I will check everything out, take pictures and report back to our users.

Also, for all of our members:

Please encourage your hearing professional to also attend such conventions, as it exposes them to the newest technologies and thus offer the best solutions to their patients. Also, if you can encourage them to share their ideas with us on this forum, that would be greatly appreciated by all.

My audiologist is going to this convention on Wed thur the weekend. She will tell me about it when she comes back from her trip. I hope all the audilogists had a good time and find out what out there for us.

Oticon will be announcing the new Epoq product line today at the Audiology Now convention in Denver. See attached link for detail.