New Delta Comming Soon

Quarterly reviews where last week some interesting things :

New delta (euha perhaps), with the rise platform (bluetooth perhaps?), wireless for sure, auto tele and remote control I suspect…

read it @

read it @


I read the above file. It was chuck full of company concern about money and exchange rates and of praise for ever new gadgetry. It did not address the one subject probably closest to the concerns of the average hard of hearing person: THE COST. How about designing and marketing a hearing aid, something like a VOLKShearing aid, similar to the VOLKSwagen. We do not all ride Mercedes and Lexus, we do not all need hearing instruments at premium prices.


we will get to a point where exceptionally good instrument at a very reasonable time, it is just a matter of time…

I would put Oticon and the Vigo Pro in that class.

it will not be long till you will be able to buy a great instrument for less
than $1,000

Well, I hope that price is in effect next time I need my next set of HA’s…:smiley:

the product life cicle in the industry has greatly diminish, lets see-
for example Ziga by resound, is an entry level instrument (price wise) with noise reduction and automatic directionality this means- it will be posible to have a very affordable solution at a very attractive price, so we are really getting close to having an entry level instrument (less than 1000 or so)
that performs exceptionally well…