New custom molds (soft silicone) but still getting feedback in right ear

I have OPN S1 (rechargable) … Still waiting to hear back from audiologist about issues with my new custom molds (soft silicone) I got last week… specifically the right aid - awful feedback/squealing - in the car, whenever I’m near running water, etc… plus some sort of clicking going on occasionally also… feedback even worse than with domes I had before! She did plug up vent hole but it didn’t help… any ideas for me to suggest/talk to her about? Problem continues to be that she does adjustments in her nice, quiet, office … perhaps next time I see her I’ll tell her I need to go outside, get in my car, etc and see if adjustments work - and then be able to go right back in if they don’t…also the “tail” on the molds is kind of sticking out of my ear … I’m thinking it should probably be sitting closer to the ear canal?

If you slightly push the mold in does feedback stop?

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no don’t think so … I could possibly “live” with feedback when I put my hand close to my ear, but with molds I was hoping other feedback (in the car, near running water,etc) would not be there…It’s almost worse than when I had domes!

Those soft molds is not full shell. I have had soft molds full shell and no feedbacks. I once had a custom full shell, the outer was hard plastic and inner was soft mold.

The OP has canal lock molds. I have the same and love them. The part sticking out is very handy to grab and pull mold out of ear.

Having feedback issues with those molds I would think it’s a tuning issue.

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IMHO, probably something wrong with the earmold. Maybe loose or something…Wrong size vent??

If feedback doesn’t stop with molds pushed in, I’d suspect a poor fit. Needs a discussion with audiologist, but trying another impression seems like a reasonable thing to try. Feedback can certainly be reduced if the offending frequencies are lowered. I’m guessing that was the case when you used domes.

She actually plugged up the vent hole already because when I got the molds last week I said I had feedback in the right ear… I practiced putting them in and she said I had it in correctly …

Yes, I think she lowered frequencies when I had feedback with the domes … but I couldn’t hear as well then… I wonder if I’ll have to choose either no feedback and worse hearing or feedback and hearing better?

You have good hearing aids.
With properly fit molds and properly fit hearing aids you shouldn’t have feedback.
Hang in there. It should work out.

Feedback near running water is odd.

What precisely are you referring to when you say “feedback”?

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High pitched squeak/squealing

Here’s what I would do in order :slight_smile:

-get the audiologist to run / re-run the feedback measurement in the software
-look at lowering frequencies above 4kHz to see if that helps (wouldn’t expect this to have an overly detrimental effect on speech clarity)
-retake impression with open mouth and get clinician to order impression with a smaller vent or increase receiver power potentially depending on what you have on them at present

That should hopefully see some improvement


Daft question, but is the R/L identification correct?


Ha! Yes R/L is correct…

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Thanks for the suggestions… I appreciate it… When I had domes and didn’t think I was hearing as well as I could, I asked about getting more powerful receiver (I had 85s; ) so she got 100 receivers - when I got them I did seem to hear better but with the same length wires (size 2 I think…) for some reason, with the 100s , the wires would hurt top of my ears …not sure why? I did notice that 100 receivers were larger so only thing I could think was they couldn’t go as far into my ears as the 85 receivers? So we tried 100 receivers with longer wires - yet they still hurt top of my ears … It was pretty frustrating for me… so I chatted with audiologist and we agreed trying custom molds was next … so with molds I got last week - she went back to 85 receivers with shorter wire… She said I can get volume ,etc I need with the 85 receivers and custom molds … she said molds provide more volume/power, whatever the phrase is, and therefore 85 receivers are good… still hurting on top of my ears though… another questions I have for her (or anyone here…) does it matter how far receivers go into the mold? Should they go all the way in, eg all the way to the end of the mold (the part that goes into the ear )? I noticed the receivers are NOT all of the way in, but am wondering if that’s what’s causing pain on top of the ear eg receiver going farther in the mold results in shorter length going over the ear,etc …

Perhaps someone could enlighten us as to why 85’s would be appropriate with this audiogram.

Yes, the receivers should come out to the end of the molds, very important.
I am surprised with your hearing loss your fitter doesn’t have you in 100 receivers and molds.

Yes, I’d like to know opinions on 85s vs 100s for me…

Thanks… interesting… they definitely are NOT at the end… I would say probably at least 1/4 inch from end of receiver to the end of the mold… I’ve tried but can’t push them in any more… assume it takes some sort of special tool? And wondering if 100 receivers (since they are a bit bigger) would require another mold?