New COSTCO (their own) Batteries




Sure, Local Battery sells there. Best price ever, very close to Costco.


I’ve always bought my batteries on Amazon for the convenience and price. I use Duracell which seem to last longer. I get 6 days with my KS6’s. I also like that they come in a plastic case and keep one in my pocket at all times.


Been using Costco’s 13’s for as long as I can remember, without any problems. I change them weekly, but if needed, I can go 10 to 11 days. Price is amazing.


As I understand it, the latest research tells us that when we take the plastic tag off the batteries, they should be left out in the air for 5 min (yes, 5 now) before installing in the aids, if one is to get the longest life out of them.


That’s what I thought initially, until folks on the forum said that it’s an old wives tale and has been disproved.

I personally tried it myself with the Costco batteries. Neither 1 minutes nor 5 minutes seems to make any noticeable difference to me. I consistently get 5 days of batteries no matter what.


Sams in the regular battery display (with the D cells and the like) sells Duracel HA batteries in various sizes (32 for $19) but over at the hearing aid counter they have on a hook some “Liberty” batteries 40 for $10. I can still get 60 for $14 on Amazon Prime UPS’d right to my door (or 60 for $19 for the duracels).


I went to change batteries one night and got distracted. I left them on the table overnight before putting them in my HA’s. That was in Dec, 2014 and they are still going strong.


Hi All,

Does anyone recycle HA batteries? I have a bag full and hate to just pitch. The local home stores take only rechargeables.


My Costco takes regular HA batteries.


Whether or not you burn the gasoline to drive to Costco they will still end up in the trash