New Costco Phillips HearLink not fitting

I just got these yesterday at Costco. I kept saying are these in my ears bc my HAs always fit into my canal. The last ones I had we’re Phonaks. I have very small canals. I called and asked about a smaller dome. They said the dome I’m using is the smallest available. Is it possible the part that goes into your canal could be too big so I can’t use this kind of HA? What happens is the tube/wire that keeps it in just finds its way out of my ear.I’m going back tomorrow (sigh) to see what can be done but thought I’d ask here if this is a known issue for some.
OK so I futzed around w/ them and if I put the mic into my ear first it can go into my canal. I can’t put the HA behind my ear first which is how I always did it before. Does it mater other than being a bit of a pain?
These seems to be an issue w/ my audiogram. I can see it but it seems no one else can. Here’s screen shot of it.

I can see it. Maybe it takes a few minutes to display.

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It’s ok to put the “receiver” in the ear before placing the body of the hearing aid on your ear. The “microphones” actually reside in the body of the hearing aid. It’s possible you might do better with a custom mold. The power of the receiver used also has an impact on how easy it is to get in ear.
I’d give it a try for awhile. Sometimes what initially seems difficult gets easier. If it’s stilll a hassle at your next visit, discuss with hearing aid specialist.
Also, I have no difficulty seeing your audiogram. Thanks for including.

Thanks for letting me know. It’s happened a few times and one where I was castigated for not having it up so how could I think that anyone could assist me. What was I thinking! Anyway, glad it’s visible.

Yes, I almost put something in parenthesis that I’m sure that’s not what it’s called. Clearly my ears aren’t talking! So now I know. And OK I’ll see how that is and maybe it won’t be a bother. I tired a custom mold before but I’ve got this weird thing, maybe it’s because my ear canals are small that if anything is touching the ear canal walls or something I get a terrible pain in my eustachian canal. Weird and we decided not to use molds. Thanks for your thoughts.

Maybe ask to try different length receiver wires. They usually come in 3 different sized lenghts

Yes, thanks, I’ll see about that. I was surprised she didn’t do that when she was fitting me. I’m going back tomorrow bc the wire from the receiver is pushing on part of my ear and it’s starting to hurt.

If you put the dome in your ear with the HA body dangling, you may end up with the wire twisted once you put the body in place behind your ear. That could cause discomfort in your ear canal. What I do is, I put the HA body behind my ear and insert the dome far enough into my ear so it can’t rotate. Then I can pull the body off my ear and manipulate the wire freely, knowing that the wire won’t be twisted when the body is finally in place behind my ear.

Thanks. I went back and they changed the length and it’s better. not perfect but we’ll see.

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Yes, that’s always how I put them in but couldn’t get the receiver into the canal that way. I went back and they gave me longer wires and I can now put the HA body in back of my ear first and now can get the receiver to go in. There’s still a bit of discomfort but we’ll see. Thanks!

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