New cookie biter

I’m new and apologize at the outset for not having my audiogram. Suffice it to say for now that I’m a cookie biter with serious (not quite profound) loss in the rt ear and less significant loss in the lft. Have trialed just about everything but the kitchen sink. My old analogs (Siemens, Phonak) were better than all the “new and improved” technologies, including my current trials Oticon Agil Pros with power packs, which my audi has programmed closely to my ancient, but still functioning aids. Speech discrimination is not good and there’s considerable feedback on phone, which I realize is an issue with these aids, but what do I do about it? Incidentally, I’m paying $4300.

So, my question is: What’s the latest on HAs for cookie biters. Any real success stories? If I were to win the lottery and spent even more money, could I find an aid that works? Resound?

Thanks much. Will post audiogram next week.

See, I was going to launch into a long post, then noticed the “I will post my audiogram next week” bit has not happened, so decided the OP might not in fact return for feedback, so will not waste my energy. Ball’s in your court.