New Computer Build - In-Win Chopin - Ryzen5 3400G

Tiny mini-Itx build with great (graphics, speed, audio), though not built for gaming. It runs cool and quiet.

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Very cool. The thing that struck me is how much space the CPU cooling fan takes up and wondering where the hot air goes? Assuming there is some venting in the case to let hot air out and allow cooler air in? Doesn’t seem that long ago that built an Intel NUC.

I am just finishing a transition to an Core i7 10700 mini-ITX using an HDPlex H1 case. Runs 37 C for my use cases. Very tight confines. An experiment in a fanless build. Ryzen was tempting I admit.

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Will this be functioning as a HTPC?
Great job on the build, and your step by step.
If I wasn’t saddled with Essential Tremor, I’d be tempted, but I’ll probably just go with the Nvidia Shield for my streaming needs, and use my laptop with HDMI cable for anything else.

Very impressed with your system planning and implementation. For some time, I’ve been mulling over whether or not to replace my aging behemoth of a desktop with an SFF box or a laptop. Having seen your build, I reckon that would be the way to go. Unfortunately, I have neither the patience nor the dexterity to do it. Well done.

Is this an HTPC build? Well, maybe Yes and maybe No? I am not really sure what a HTPC is? Maybe it’s a buzzword to sell more computer parts? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I see that some put together an HTPC build and place it next to the TV? Sorry, I don’t get it?

This sits in my office so it’s an office computer. However it is connected to my home network and therefore it is accessible to a Smart-TV (if Smart-TV is the correct term). I run a media-Player/Server on the PC making my private media collection (movies, videos, music, photos) available on the TV. I am currently running LG-Smarshare but switching to (open source) Jellyfin.

@pvc HTPC = Home Theater PC; it’s a computer primarily used for media consumption, connected to a television, set in your living room TV stand drawer/chest thingy. I think this is probably overkill for something like that use case personally.

What kind of CPU temps are you seeing? Are you overclocking it at all? I know Ryzens love love love memory bandwidth.

Yeah, I get the H.T.P.C. Initials. What I don’t get is connecting a PC (any PC) to your TV? Why not just have your PC and your TV be part of the Network?

Then you can use your PC for whatever, including part-time duty feeding content to the TV. A long time ago, in a galaxy for away I used to connect my computer directly to my TV. But I wouldn’t do that now. I don’t see any benefit to connecting a PC directly to a TV. Maybe I am missing something?

Temps; (52C CPU / 46C motherboard)
Running Memtest86 (68C CPU)

Twenty years ago we built HTPCs because the tweaking we wanted was not available in consumer (and in some cases even professional) products. It was more like a garage lab world. Time has moved on and things we only dreamed of are now commodities. Standards now exist, devices exist and media exists. And software. Usually the long pole in the tent. There remains a bleeding edge of course but my projectors suck down signals from a commodity player that is pretty decent. I knew my software developer in Germany personally and I live in the States. I was fun. Now hardly more than a pleasant memory. If you ever dived very deep into the analog (vinyl) and vacuum tube world — similar.

As an HTPC Alternative you could;

  1. Group your personally owned media into libraries/folders such as; Movies - Series - Westerns - Music
  2. Run a network media server on a home network PC that has access to those libraries/folders
  3. Connect your Smart TV to your home network
  4. Then just pick up your TV remote, select the network media server as input, and then select whatever media you want to see or hear

See the image below for Computer View and TV View; Caveats: Network media servers can be cantankerous, especially when adding, moving or deleting media files. Sometimes a media server may need a complete delete and add anew all references to libraries/folders. Also less is more. Don’t saddle your media server with an extensive number of library/folder references, or with Internet lookup of titles and artwork.

I built two of these last summer with the Ryzen 5 2600 cpu, 16 gb ram, 1 tb ssd, Gigabyte 350 Motherboard and a stock AMD cooler with the shroud removed. spent a little less than $500 each. The 3400 wasn’t out at that time. Great little PC for most everything that we do around here.

It just dawned on me that you are talking about servers and not raw signal processing. We were trying to write our own video processors. I will just leave this be. Sorry for the intrusion.