New Battery Promotion and Power One Batteries

At our battery site,, we now offer Power One Size 312 super premium German Made hearing aid batteries, with free US and Canada shipping. These are, in my opinion, the best overall batteries available worldwide. They are all cased in stainless steel, thus providing resistance to rust.

During the month of May, we are offering a 10% discount on all orders over $25. Please use the coupon code:


Enter the above code on the checkout page to receive the discount.

The coupon code also will apply for TV Ears, Sahar Dry Ears, Dry & Store and other great products.

How much longer do the Power One batteries last? I mean, fore the same price, I can get 30 more batteries with the ICell Tech brand. Is it really that profound of a difference?

The advantage to Power One is that they are all stainless steel cased, which means virtually no corrosion chance in the hearing aids. In addition, they are German made batteries versus I Cell Tech, which are made in South Korea.

Yet, both batteries are extremely good and most users will not notice a significant difference in battery life.

I’d agree and have no financial interest…Powereone are generally regarded as superior…you can send my commission to my account admin!

Those I-CELL TECH in quantity are QUITE impressive:
the 312’s in a 600 pack for $.22 each or the 1440 pack for $.20 are hard to beat and with free shipping.

It would seem to take a team of several people, like 6, sharing to make those quantities practical…figuring 100 batteries as a year’s worth. Probably postage among memers would be slight.

(I’d suggest forming a buying club except I am getting mine free <I think> for the time being anyway.)

Hi Admin

I can think of many places where you’d want to use the stainless batteries. There are LOTS of places that have wet or humid climates (cold wet winters or hot muggy summers), where a stainless battery would be worth the added cost. I live in Southern California, so that’s not a problem for me personally. Still … something to consider. Thanks.


Our practice is in Hawaii, so moisture and sweat entering into the battery door of hearing aids, particularly on open fit hearing aids are a real concern.

Thus, for those patients, we use stainless steel batteries.

I Cell Tech size 10’s only are stainless steel, whereas Power One uses stainless steel on all sizes, thus the higher cost.

That’s good to know;). So then the I Cells are a good deal then if your shopping for stainless steel.