New Audi and Hearing Aids Soon

Hello, have not been back here in some time. Hoping some of you can help me as I prepare to get what will be my 4th set of hearing aids and choose a new audiologist.

I have somewhat severe loss, have all my life, though it has regressed. I’m wearing Resound Linx 2 now, about 4+ years old. They work fine when the work. The receivers go out about every 6-9 months and I had one replaced under warranty and one after. Still, if I so much as go outside and sweat they go haywire switching programs back and forth. Tired of this. I rely on them too heavily. I can keep them as backups.

My current audiologists are nice, I like them, but too far away. Meaning I can’t easy get repairs or adjustments. I need somebody closer here in suburban Boston. Are there good sites that help you choose a new audiologist? I don’t want a one brand type location. I do not have a nearby Costco either.

I assume most new aids are rechargeable now. Any major things to look for or avoid? I have not kept up with the changes in technology. Appreciate any suggestions.

Tap on the resources in the forum at the top of the page, and find clinics near you.

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Thanks. It just tells me what is near, not anything about good or bad experiences.

Try this they one in this list all follow best practices

As you talk with the new audi and find out whether they use all the “Best Practices”, ask them if they have considered the Redux system for their office (Hearing Instruments - Redux). If moisture is a problem, this looks like a great solution. If I was still practicing, I would certainly have one). Unfortunately they can only be rented instead of purchased outright. But I can see where it should be a practice’s must have in an area with humitity.


That Redux system looks a bit faddish. We use UV cleansing boxes and my Ultravac system uses a vacuum chamber. Though the need for ‘drying’ aids out is largely climate/patient dependent. The reduction in ITE is also playing a part. The risk of sweat flooded RIC is much less.


Nothing near me on the Dr. Cliff site. One place seems to be a chain called Hearing Life.

Just FYI, some cell phone businesses have Redux machines for waterlogged cell phones. That may be an option in case of water on HAs. I don’t know if they would do it or if safe for HAs but worth looking in to.

@slance66 Hi there, I did a quick google search for “audiology near Boston, MA” and came up with a ton of hits, many with very good ratings. If you do that I’m sure you can find a practice that’s nearer your specific location.

Yes, I have done that. I was just hoping there was a resource that provided information about those practices, reviews from patients and other experiences for example.

Google and Yelp are that resource friend. Plebty of those practices had reviews.