New Audi & Aids - recommendations

Hi All,

I will be going to a new Audi tomorrow for new Aids. I had tried 3 different pairs about 1-1/2 years ago and chose not to buy them at that time as I did not feel they gave enough solution for what they cost. But I am trying again in the hopes that improved technology may increase my satifaction with HAs.

Below are my Audiogram results. I am hoping for comments & observations on the Audiogram itself (ie mild, moderate, severe? Is this what I have heard called a "Ski Slope?) as well as recommendations for specific aids & how they could benefit my particluar needs.

I work primarily with men & need to be able to hear thier lower freq voices in meetings of 6-10 guys as well as one to one in the office.

Freq / Right-Left
500 / 65 - 65
750/ 55 - 55
1000/ 45 - 55
1500/ 40 - 40
2000/ 25 - 20
4000/ 15 - 20
8000/ 30 - 25

Speech (Don’t understand all of these but they said I passed)
However, the Audi was female & her speech is not in the Freq I have trouble with so a male Audi might produce different Speech Scores.

Parameter / Right - Left

SRT/ 35 - 40
DISC/ 100 - 100
HL/ 75 - 80
Mask/ 45 - 50
List/ w22 - 3m,4m ???
MCL/ 75 - 80
UCL (blanks)

Thank you in advance for any input.


You have a moderate to moderately severe reverse slope loss. Reverse slope means that your hearing is worse in the low frequencies and better in the highs, which is the opposite (or “reverse”) of the more common ski slope loss.

Thanks for the better definitions. It is hard to know what is considered mild, moderate or severe. I have to take action because it is adversly impacting both my career & my social life.

Defining this in easier terms and giving it a scale helps me to keep this in perspective as well as give me the language needed to discuss it with my family and the good folks here…


In terms of quantifying it. I would call it a reverse slope loss that is about 40% below normal hearing.

You definitely need to get some help with this loss. It will go a long way to helping you with the situations you mentioned.

Thank you both for the responses.

If you have the time, please see my post

I went to the Audi today & it did not go well. Now I don’t know what to do.

Sent my Audiogram in advance as well as what I had trialed in the past hoping it would make things easier, but I apparently have made a bad impression.

I am a tad amazed at the tone of your post…

It may be trite to say that the customer is always right , but the tone of your post suggests that you should bluntly remind whoever you saw that you are there for help and assistance for which you are paying real money.

Feet are for walking , go somewhere else.

If my visit today to a regional shopping centre ( In Australia) is any guide … shop front audio’s are popping up everywhere… clearly there is money to be made…

The more I see and read about audiology , the more I am discouraged by gaping holes in the structures.

The audio’s who post here are clearly caring and interested… but what about the rest ??

Thanks for the response.

Maybe I should post a personal ad…

Demanding MWF w/ reverse slope loss & techincal background seeking like minded HIS or Audi for comitted, short term, and profitable relationship.
Must be open to collaboration & lots of questions.
I’ll promise, the better you do, the less often you will see me.:smiley:

I wish more of the Pros who are members of the forum would put their locations (even if State Only) visible in the profiles or signature so I could see if they were local to me. (This is way too much like internet dating.)

The professionals who post here are very caring & helpful indeed. This is in spite of the fact they have to put up with a lot of complaints, suspicion & sometimes truly abusive statements about the industry (prices & how the product is delivered). & their profession.

And thank you for your comments. I needed some reassurance that my gut telling me to walk away is not an unreasonable reaction.

As a consumer, I think I’d have to be nuts to spend $6-8K if I did not understand what I was buying or if it would do what I need/want it to. But a consumer approach has not been very sucessful so far.

I keep flipping between anger & feeling hurt, I feel very discouraged about ever finding the right “fit” between me, the aids & the dealer/fitter (Audi or HIS)

lol…I’d answer you!

Seriously, you should be treated better than you have. I always wonder why some people go into a customer service field and then don’t interact with customers well. If possible, it would be nice to be able to make a “get acquainted” appointment with an audiologist or HIS to see if you will get along well and have your questions answered before you get into the whole hearing aid situation.

:wink: Hmmmm…
7 Hr drive to to you or $200 by Air… :slight_smile:

1st thank you all for your responses & Support.

I was feeling very hopeless about finding an Audi/Dealer I could trust & was comfortable with, and frankly, was so intimidated and overwhelmed by the process that I was going to give up on getting HAs.

Reassurance from users here, & @ another site, that the treament I experienced so far should not be acceptable (& that I was not unreasonable in asking, sometimes challenging, questions about product, services & pricing,) got me past my fear, hurt feelings & subsequent desire to give up.

Additional info recieved from other HI members has led me to an Audi & Practice that seems to be a good fit.

After a 30 min phone interview w/ the Audi, I am already comfortable with the idea of working with them.
We talked what to expect from each other, services available (they require REM with every aid they fit) even pricing on aids & services. (very reasonable). I again feel like crying, but this time for joy! The relief, even tho I have not even gotten aids yet, is beyond description.

I have an appointment next week for my 1st consult & to take impressions.

I can’t wait! I’ll likely be doing trials on both Excelia & Epoqs & (Audi suggested) maybe one or two others.

Thank you Thank you All!

Audiogal, Guess I won’t have to place the Personal Ad after all.:wink:

with either exelia - epoq you will be blown away