New and need HA ASAP

I’m reading through as many threads as I can, but I need to buy two hearing aids before the year’s end so I can get it in under my finally-met deductible (yes I get reimbursed for HAs).

Did some research, talked to a couple of people. I’m 38, female, and work in an industrial setting. Loss in the 50s to 60s. Never had HAs before. I don’t care much about blue tooth or other technology. I just want to hear again like everyone else.

The audiologist is pushing the Starkey S series. I’m just wondering if the 11 is worth the extra money over the 9. Also, the people I know who have HAs are using Oticon Delta. My audi didn’t recommend, though he said it was just as good. Said the S was mostly waterproof and more comfortable.

Any thoughts on this?

I agree with your audiologist, I personally prefer the S Series as they are waterproof and newer technology than the Delta, but make sure there is a trial period so that you can evaluate whether or not they will work for you!

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See you soon!

The Delta is no longer current in the UK.

I spoke with a feller the other day, said he loves his oticons…

Comparing brands gets into a bit of a crapshoot…what company works for one may not work for another, even with similar losses and lifestyles. I’d go with the recommendation as long as you are comfortable with the trial period that they offer, and are confident with the professional.

Your question, though, is valid: is a higher level technology worth the money over a more mid-range product? Your audi should be able to explain exactly what the higher end product has that the mid level one doesn’t. Then you can make the decision as to whether you need the additional flexibility/features/bells and whistles or if they wouldn’t really help you in your lifestyle. Check the manufacturer’s website too; you can double check what product has what feature.

Good luck to you!

Whether or not you need or will want the 11s over the 9s is really a matter of lifestyle. The more challenging your environment from a hearing standpoint, the higher technology you may want.

I will be blunt and tell you that I don’t have very many patients who actually need the higher technology. The S Series 9s are still considered a very high end product, and the 11s contain many features that patients end up not using.

Oticon makes good hearing aids, but the Deltas are out dated and so you may want to choose another aid.

Good luck! :smiley:

dr. amy

I would certainly recommend against rushing into a hearing aid purchase that you might regret later. Hearing correction is a complex operation. Take your time. Trial different units. Post your audiogram - it will help get better advice.