New AIKIA distortion problem

I am new to hearing aids, just got fitted with a Widex AIKIA CIC 4 days ago.
I do not know what to expect so i need some advice.

I definitely like it but it generates some distortion in semi loud levels.
At low levels the sound is clear and comfortable.
At high levels (loud noise, loud music) i can sense that it shouts its self down.

My problem is at medium to high level sound.
For Example, like the case when a person is talking to a group and you are sitting next to him, or when i myself speak loud top a group. In those cases the volume does not adjust (at least noticeably) but distortion is produced. It sounds like a stereo system just before the amplifier burns out. It plays, but sound is distorted.

Is this something to be expected? Is it a problem with the specific hearing aid so i need to have it repaired or replaced?

Please advise.

get a rem test…
seems like you need fine tuning

have ur audi perform the sensogram

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Most of todays more advanced hearing aids have algorithms whereby they switch modes when the environment reaches (and stays at for some period of time) a criterion level. A couple things can be happening: 1. the compression of the hearing aid may be too strong. Compression varies the gain with input, providing more gain for soft sounds, and less for louder inputs. This technology has been around for years and is in most hearing aids. Usually the threshold at which the compression becomes active or the ratio can be varied to change how much the hearing aid “turns itself down” in louder environments. 2. The hearing aid could be classifying the environment as “noisy” and changing modes. This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but usually, how often and how much the hearing aid changes is adjustable.

I agree with xbulder, probe mic measurements at soft, moderate, and high levels will reveal alot about the function of the aids. REM or probe mic is the accepted and recommended method of fitting hearing aids, unfortunately, many are hesitant to use these measurements on a regular basis.