New Aids..out with Phonak Naida in with Oticon Sumo DM

Changed out the Phonak Naidas for the Oticon Sumo DM’s.

Amazing difference, everything sounds so clear and natural. I actually sound
normal again. Its like wearing a analog aid again. And has plenty of power without being excessive.
I think the Naidas were too powerful with amplification and had too much features which made them too hard to use. And the sound with them was awful. mechanical and echoy.

I’m happy now… yay


But from the techn point of view, The nadia should be better…

After all it is a newer instrument… I would expect that phonak had

analyzed everything out there to outperform the Sumo Dm…

What did you used before?

Before I wore programmable Starkey Sequels BTE in both ears …not sure if they were digital or not.
They were 3 years old and then my sisters dog ate one.

So now wearing the new aids.