New aid

hearing aid that can be worn 24 hours a day for up to four months at a time has been launched in America. The ‘Lyric’ is 16mm long and fits inside the outer ear canal just a few millimeters from the eardrum; users can keep it in when they shower or sleep. The inventor, Professor Robert Schindler, who markets the device through his company InSound, explains that a spongy material with anti-bacterial properties surrounds the Lyric to stop it rubbing against the skin. The material is also water permeable and allows moisture to escape from the ear canal. Patients must be fitted with the aid by a specialist and continue to wear it until the battery wears out, at which point it is replaced with a completely new device. In emergencies, users can remove the device themselves with a little magnetic instrument.

Where have you been? There’s already a thread or 3 on the Lyric, at least one with some wearers documenting their experiences.


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