New aid, so loud!

Have been wearing hearing aids for a few years and eventually when one packed up, got myself a new set on Thursday, 3 days ago.
Drove home deafened by traffic, wind, turn indicators etc.
Told my wife off for shouting at me (never a good plan) got told off again!
Everything is so loud, the keyboard is clacking horribly, the toilet flush is horrendous, my clothes rustle noisily, I dread the microwave announcing it is finished, I am sure a lot of you have been through all of this, but how long does it last!!
Should I wear them for a few hours at a time, cant see why that should work.
Shall I stop wearing them until I see my audiologist again.
I can’t turn them down anymore.
Is this normal for a not new user?
If as people have said your brain trains itself, how long does it take?
Hours, days, weeks, months.
Any positive help welcomed and hello to you all.

Yes this is fairly normal with every new set of aids.

The best thing you can do is wear them as much as you can stand and you shout adjust in a matter of days.

If you don’t see improvement in a few days then get back to your audiologist, it is possible something went wrong with the programming but not likely.

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I got my 2nd set of hearing aids about two years ago first set lasted 10 years and was amazed at the difference. First thing i noticed was on the drive home from the audi’s office. I bought a new truck two years earlier and was surprised that the turn signals did not make any clicking sound to indicate they were on. All of a sudden I was hearing aloud and annoying clicking sound I had never heard before. When I mentioned it to my wife she thought it was funny that I had never heared the sound of the signals before.

There were others sounds that were louder and ones that I had not been able to hear but the turn signals were the worst. after two years I still turn them off if I am setting in the left turn lane waiting for the light to turn green because it’'s annoying they are so loud on the other had I can hear and understand my grandaughter so I will suffer through a loud turn signal. I do stay out of the kitchen when the wife is preparing a meal because of the loud noise she make banging the pots and pans around.

For the most part I got used to the loud sounds of things and I don’t think it took to long.

That being said if your issue’s are really unpleasant then I would call your provider and ask to get into see him asap.

Well you’ve been wearing aids for a while so I don’t necessarily agree that the new aids should be so loud that you’re ready to pull the hair out of your head. The Audi needs to readjust the aids so you’re comfortable. I wouldn’t wait until your next appt. I’d call him now. Do your aids come with a volume control or an app that helps you control volume? So you can adjust them until you see your Audi. Yes you’re supposed to hear better with the new aids but they shouldn’t make your head explode. Call the Audi before your wife hits you over the head with a frying pan


I agree with @hass5744 's conclusions and advice 100%. Good call,IMO.


Try turning the volume down a little on your new aids. No need to have them hurting you. That will let you get used to all the new sounds.

Hard to say how your last set of aids were set up, good or bad, we don’t know.

What hearing aids did you get and what aids did you have before?

Sharing your audiogram with us would be nice.


I agree 100%. It’s OK for the new aids to be louder or different, but they shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Your sense of hearing is not an audiogram. You treat a patient not a hearing test. It is a very personal experience. Prescriptive targets are only a beginning. Your aids should provide you with hearing that is as close to normal as possible while still making your feel comfortable. That may require gradual adjustment as you acclimate to the aids.


Many thanks for your reply, logical and sensible to me.
I have an appointment in about 10 days and will be away before that, so I shall have to bite my tongue or remove the aids when advisable or suffer the consequences!
These are only on trial so I have the opportunity to maybe upgrade for a better pair depending on cost etc.

Thanks for the reply.
I have an appointemt booked for 10 days hence, so will see how it goes.
Just seems strange that the new ones are so loud compared to the ones I had previously.

The previous ones might have been underfit or your hearing might have changed substantially since your last set–did you go in for regular re-tests and re-adjustments?

This is probably not you, but I find that my patients who have. . . louder, more confident personalities are often underfit if they have been seeing my more kind and caring colleagues. Sometimes clinicians will turn hearing aids down in an effort to please their patients, but will end up doing them a disservice.


If you only had hearing aids for a few years and your audiologist should have set the gain to moderate to start with. You didn’t post your audiogram. What brand and model are your aids?

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Until I came here a day or two ago I had never heard of an audiogram, let alone that some of you would want to look at it.
I have no idea of what it will tell you that my audiologist has not already told me so cannot see the point.
I came on here initially to see how long the extraordinary racket I was and still am hearing would last and it is now obvious that my brain cannot cope with the racket and I shall have to go back and see him and get them adjusted properly.
It will have to wait another week as I am away from tomorrow but once they are done I shall inform you all.
Thanks for your interest but some of you are making a mountain out of a molehill and I find that somewhat worrying.

Audiologists try to restore your hearing to normal levels. Your body may not be ready or able to do that all at once. It may have to be done in stages. If you feed someone who has been severely malnourished regular food they can die. You have to start slow. It is also possible that the audiologist made an error in programming. I had the same experience with my Aid. The first fitting was far to loud in the high frequencies and had to be toned down so I could tolerate it. Hearing Aid manufactures try to account for this in the fitting software providing choices like Comfort, First Time User, NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2, DSLv5.


While providing an audiogram may not accomplish too much, providing your brand and model of HA could potentially prove useful. In browsing around the forum, I find that there are numerous people here that have some very sound technical knowledge of their products (I am most definitely not one of them, though), whether it be through their career, being an experienced HA wearer/user, or just through sheer curiosity and learning. They may be able to provide guidance on methods to temporarily alleviate or help you with the overwhelming sounds of the HA until you can get in to see your audiologist again for a proper adjustment.

In theory, if you also know or can provide some of those technical settings of the HA, then the audiogram would come in play as being helpful, as people would be able to see the settings in relation to your hearing loss and can even pinpoint where the issues stem from. This is likely all moot without that knowledge and probably access to software/ability to self-program, so no matter! But it might be why people are asking if they’re trying to help with a solution!


Wow people are trying to help and you take an attitude. People are requesting to see the audiogram
so they can compare it to the new aids you received. You asked for opinions but then get mad. Keep in mind that hearing aids that are way too loud can further damage your hearing. You claim you snapped at your wife and now you seem to be reacting the same way with forum members I wish you the best with your situation. I hope it gets resolved. I know you’re frustrated but questions are asked by members because they don’t have enough information to help you. Everyone here is trying to help. Good luck