New AB CI Processor

This is the new AB processor which I’m starting to like the fact it can be linked to a Phonak HA as when I’m implanted, I will only be allowed 1 CI.

What I’m wondering is, the processor has UltraZoom on it which the per spice Naidas do not have. Does this mean, only Phonak spice hearing aids can be linked?

Also the processor has DuoPhone and ZoomControl which at the moment the Naida S IX has and you need 2 instruments to work. Does this mean, you need to be wearing a Naida S IX for those 2 features to work?

Anyone know how the FM receiver would be attached or is it built in?

ab launches naída ci q70 in europe and canada

staefa (switzerland), 23.05.2013 – sonova holding ag, the world’s leading provider of hearing solutions, announces today that its subsidiary advanced bionics (ab) is launching its new naída ci q70* (naída ci) sound processor. The device is now commercially available in europe, canada and several other countries in the world. With naída ci, the innovation dna of ab and phonak have merged together for the introduction of the world’s newest, most advanced behind-the-ear sound processor.

Technologies brought over from phonak include:

  • ultrazoom (multiband adaptive directional microphone system which i'm assuming has been optimised for ab's t-mic 2).
  • wireless connectivity using phonak accessline accessories (available for binaural ci processors or bimodal users of a phonak hearing aid (ci+ha).
  • quicksync support for dual ci processors
  • zoomcontrol (not specified whether this is only for binaural ci processor only, or if ci+ha users can also benefit).
  • soundrelax, for better comfort in relation to sudden impulse sounds*
  • windblock reduces low frequency gain when wind noise is detected for improved listening comfort*
  • *still under development for use with Naida Q70 CI.

In response to your questions, ultrazoom is Phonak’s directional microphone technology. Ultrazoom is available in all Quest & SPICE+ generation instruments as well as CORE-based Naida IX and V.

You may be confusing Ultrazoom with Stereozoom which uses a quad microphone array (made up of two hearing aids wirelessly connected to eachother) to create a narrow beam capable of focusing on only a single talker in a crowd. Stereozoom was launched with Phonak Ambra and is available in wireless Q90 and Q70 products.

As stereozoom is not available on the new AB Naida Q70 CI processor, the microphone systems of the two devices are not interacting with eachother so the model of hearing aid you have is of no relevance.

It seems that the quicksync, zoomcontrol or the duophone feature are confined to those using two AB Naida Q70 CI processors. Bimodal users only have the advantage of using Phonak accessline products to stream audio to their CI processor and compatible Phonak hearing aid simultaneously. None of the other CI manufacturers have wireless as a feature except via FM or Roger for now.

For information on attaching an FM receiver see the user guide.

UltraZoom is not available on the Naida Core.

It has been confirmed that DuoPhone, ZoomControl and quick sync will work with a Phonak Naida HA and the Naida CI.