Never Had Aids - What's best?

There’s a few hundred different aids available and prices vary from $6000 to $3000 for the same aid! I’ve tried the Oticon Epoq and Vigo both help but now enough for the cost. I’ve been recommended to try the Unitron Moxi but it will cost $150 to do that. Also recommended the GN Resound Metrix but that would be via the mail. And the Starkey Detiny or Passion from Widex which uses frequency transposition. My hearing test is:
250-10, 500-5, 1000-10, 1500-15, 2000-70, 3000-90, 400 to 8000 - 90 so I’m being told I need BTE with lot of power to help the 2000 to 8000 loss.

any suggestions as to what to try next and how do I know if the price is right along with the reliability of the aid?? How does it workout for the mail order aids? Thanks for any help.

get a Ziga GN a Tego Oticon
extra or Una phonak

those are good ands cheaper

Actually, I think it is a little more complicated than just needing a lot of power.

The issue is going to be how good your low frequency hearing is. If you get a monster power aid that can easily hit the 2K-8K range, it is probably going to over cook the low frequencies some. You are going to need an open fit kind of venting system to stop you feeling like your head is in a barrel while wearing them.

So I think you are probably going to have to compromise with less power than you might like, but at least you won’t feel stopped up.

You could try the new Zōn from Starkey:

Technically you are a little out of the fitting range at the high end, but I don’t think it will make an enormous difference.

Or you could go with a more traditional BTE kind of product with very large vent.

Sadly, it’s not going to be the easiest fit in the world. So it may take a bit of experimentation and work.

You are exactly the kind of patient who shouldn’t buy online. Because it’s entirely possible you may need to try a few different models of aid to become happy.

You mentioned frequency transposition, which may be useful here too. Again, you might experiment with something like that too, and see how it works for you. That kind of thing is not for everyone, but you might like it with your loss.

Technically you are a little out of the fitting range at the high end, but I don’t think it will make an enormous difference

How can you recommend an HA where the user is “a little out of the fitting range”?

Just curious!!

the point is to get a cheaper instrument, right?
then tego power should do the trick, im not sure about the Ziga but im guess it is, and the una should also do the trick

i would explore this options

Sulla - I read ZCT’s post and I think your question was covered in his post. Unless your question is aimed at ZCT’s integrity.

Just curious!!

It seems like everytime ZCT recommends a Starkey product his motives are questioned. I doubt seriously he gets a kickback everytime Starkey sells a hearing aid.


I’d noticed that too Mike. You’d think I were recommending an Iranian hearing aid created by children in a sweatshop powered by clubbing baby seals.


The fitting range published for a hearing aid is just a guide. It doesn’t mean if you have a single result that does not fall within the fitting range, the aid will automatically not work.

Manufacturers are also a little conservative with their published fitting ranges. They don’t want to exaggerate what their aid can do, only to find out that they are later shown to be wildly out. It makes them look bad.

This scenario the patient presented is one of the hardest types of loss to fit, and there may have to be a little trial and error.

I don’t believe that any hearing aid is going to deliver the perfect amount of power at every frequency for a loss such as this. If you provide enough high frequency sound that is technically needed for this loss, you may very well provide too much bass, or create occlusion issues.

Also with this patient they have less than 20% of their high frequencies remaining. So there is only so much you can do with what they have left anyway.

I would advice to chose an instrument whose fitting range cover a bit
more than your hearing loss, if say 8 mnths from now you need more gain
you dont have to buy another set of aids…

Ordinarily that is reasonable advice. But this specific loss is such that if the high frequencies drop much more, no aid is really going to be all that beneficial.

A hearing aid is only any good if there is a reasonable amount of hearing to work with.

And a hearing aid that is worn provides 100% more benefit than a hearing aid in the drawer. I had a discussion with my audiologist as it relates to open fit aids, and she’s in that camp that she’d rather fit an aid such as some of the open fit aids that may not be exactly in the range if it means the difference between a patient/customer wearing or not wearing aids.

Thanks you all for responding to my questions. It’s moving to see so many responds. I see I still have a lot of research yet to do on all the suggested HA’s. ZCT thanks for the excellent information concerning my type of lost. Likewise XBULDER as I’ll follow up of all of it. My loss profile really hasn’t changed over 10 -15 years since I tried some aids way back then but they didn’t help at all. I was hoping with the advances in HA’s today that has changed. My doctor then said the high frequency losses were the result of loud explosions like he’s seen from army vets.

Try the Unitron next 16, Yuu, or element 8, Go with the Moxi XP receiver and use a power dome. this is a mini BTE with power. It’s a quick fix, the feedback system is good and it’s not a big hunker BTE. check your hair cells to make sure ther’re not all fried out. Do a quick tymp test and quick sin test to determine severe inner hair cell damage. Unfortunenately, with this loss it sucks to have and people are right about the reg. BTE w. an ear mold is the best application and if you don’t want to go this was than the moxi is a reasonable product with good features and plan on mulitiple trips back to get things perfected. Your’re going to be plugged up in the head, but that’s the trade off. Good luck

I am new to this forum and hope I get the Q and A right. I have ordered a set of Exelia Wireless, etc. to try out. My first set. I looked at the Costco and Miracle Ear products and they don’t seem to measure up to the features of the Phonak’s. Everyone’s comments tend to overwhelm me but the Exelia does seem to bubble up to the top or in the top units. If you could comment on this for me I would appreciate it and hope I can find you again when I come back.


good instrument, you should be ok