Neon orange hearing aids

Wearing ha’s should be no different than wearing glasses. I know the trend is hide the aids so no one knows they are there. What if designer aids let the speaker know you might be able to understand them better if they speak towards you for example.


Some companies do offer a fairly good selection of colors. I am surprised someone hasn’t come out with cases that can be fitted aftermarket and available in a wide range of colors and designs. I suppose changing the case would void a warranty. I agree, aids should come in any color you want.

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I used to have zebra HAs back in the day when I needed more powerful HAs.

It’s unfortunate that there is such stigma attached to HAs, particularly these days when more and younger folks need them.

Any rhetorically why aren’t glasses called “seeing aids”? :blush:

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@gmpickens @John_Green you can buy skins to decorate the BTE part of the aid. As well as getting psychedelic molds. It’s just a matter of speaking to your Aud.

Just looking for alternatives to cupping my ear.