Need to order 1st aids, would appreciate your thoughts about the audi recommendation

Raudrive, thanks for that info. If I go the rechargeable route the audi said he would send them in before the 3 year warranty expired to get new batteries. I was concerned the batteries would not hold up.


Check this video about rechargeable vs regular batteries, he gaves pros and cons of both, so it’s easier to choose if you’re new :wink:. Also, check whol echannel, he has some really good information.

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Blacky, thanks for this link. I watched the battery video as well as a number of others that this provider has. I have a lot more to watch.

Nobody has mentioned yet that if you have rechargeable batteries, how many people have left home on vacation or a trip and forgot their charger? I could see myself doing that. I don’t know how much an extra charger would be that I’d keep in my travel kit. Something I thought of though.

Keep the info coming!

Spare chargers are not expensive, at least the phonak chargers on Ebay aren’t. The mini chargers are about $30.

Yeah, but if you’re on the trip and you can’t find a shop to buy charger, it can be tricky. Batteries should be accessible everywhere in the world.

@dcuny I have one good ear, but I want regular batteries, not because of travel but because I don’t want one more thing to charge. Plus price here for rechargeable is around 300-350 eur higher. That’s at least 1200 size 312 batteries. Or 3.3 years of everyday change. 6.6 if you swap every second day. Currently I’m trialing phonak m70 312, around 8h a day of use, very little streaming so far, one lasted I think 10 days.

Phone battery cannot hold me for a whole day after 1.5 years of use, even though it did at the beginning (I have phone/screen use 10-15h a day). There’s no reason to assume HA rechargeable based on the same tech will be able to hold their charge unchanged for 6 years. Yes, battery won’t die in 6 years, but how useful will it be after 2, 3? Yes, I’ve heard that people will get new one after 3 years while still under warranty, but doesn’t that mean that even manufacturer expect significant enough decrease in charge hold after 3 years that they will replace it free of charge? To keep the brand reputation.

If I had serious loss in both ears (in quiet and not too big distance I don’t need HA for conversation) and active/demanding lifestyle (especially meetings, streaming/calls, or noisy background since then HA needs more processing power aka more battery), I would still definitely go with thw regular batteries. Few seconds of inconvenience to swap batteries vs keeping an eye on the device or charging midday or forgetting, or accidentally put it wrong and it doesn’t charge overnight… Nope. Until full charge isn’t in 5 minutes or less, for those who deeply rely on HAs with intensive lifestyle hearing needs I wouldn’t recommend rechargeable HAs. Unless you have dexterity problems.

So, if your needs are mostly in quiet environment with few hours of streaming, go either way if price does not matter. Otherwise, put your usual day needs on the paper and see for yourself.

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Hi Dcuny, Like you I am looking at Phonak Marvels. I’ve been researching and found this review that I thought covered all areas of the Marvel Hearing aids. Very extensive review. And helpful.

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Good article.
The writer is a member here at hearing tracker.

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Yes he is. Seems quite knowledgeable. I found it helpful.

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Thanks very much for that link. The end of the article mentioned a part 2 but I don’t see a link for that. Do you know if he ever did a part 2?


Some more questions, specifically about Costco hearing aids. I’ve read somewhere that Costco locks all of their hearing aids so other providers can’t do any adjustments.
I’ve also read that some users have bought software to do adjustments themselves, which I don’t want to do.

Abruptly about 2 years ago Walmart closed 3 Sams clubs in our area. Nobody expected that.
Looking at the map of Costco locations, NY only has 2 clubs that do hearing aids, Rochester and Syracuse.
If those clubs were to close, the next closest Costco is 210 miles away.

I’m wondering how often I’d need to get service from Costco and what I would do if they closed.

How much periodic maintenance should I expect to do with new aids?

Thanks for all the info.

Not all Costco aids are locked. Last I heard only the Resound aids were locked, maybe the Phillips too, double check me on that please.

My wife’s KS9 aids I can get into with the Target software and a Noahlink Wireless. Her fitting took 3 or 4 trips. Our Costco is a bit over an hour drive away. We go now and then for things, while there she turns her aids in for cleaning and check ups. I have taken them in once without her and that went well too.

Maybe I’m negligent. After the initial appointments when I first get the aids (4 or 5 maybe?), I’ve only been back to Costco once a year since I got my first aids from them 5 years ago (Rexton then, KS9s now). That annual appointment is for a new hearing test, any adjustments to the aids because of changes, and any updating of firmware the aids need. The audi (yes, I see an audiologist there) also takes the aids and does a cleaning, replaces anything she thinks needs it, etc.

I have verified that my Costco doesn’t have an audiologist, only hearing aid “fitters”. I’m not sure what level of training is required in NY for someone to be a licensed “fitter”.

This Costco (our only one) opened about this time in 2015. I haven’t personally talked to anyone around here that has used them. My cousins in KY swear by their positive Costco experience. But I think there a more Costco’s down in the Midwest than there are up here.


I’ve looked but haven’t found it. Maybe hasn’t written it yet. I’ll watch for it and post.

I have been using KS9s for about 6 mos, and am very happy with this decision. Went thru same assessment last fall, private Audi (whom I really liked) quote was for Marvel 50s for $3800, and I eventually went with KS9s (equiv to Marvel 90s) for $1500.

I was initially concerned about battery vs. rechargeable and wanted to have rechargeable. After 6 mos, I find this to be totally a NON-issue … batteries last me 5 days plus or minus, no issue at all to use (312) batteries. I don’t miss rechargeable in the slightest.

Biggest issue for me (and I’m sure others) is that Phonak HAs support remote programming. I had several video chats for adjustments with my Audi when trialing Phonaks. I really like staff at my Costco and they are highly capable, but it is a 3+ hr commitment every time I needed an adjustment. Went in frequently (evey 2 weeks) in beginning as would be expected and this was a challenge.

Now I’m adjusted well and only need to go in every other month or so. Most recent appointment was to re-run the feedback control process - for some reason, I’ve had feedback pop up as an issue couple of times but running feedback process at HA center fully fixes it.

My Costco HA Center in Austin reopened this month and I was finally able to schedule an appt last week. While there, they advised that Costco will be rolling out nationally the remote adjustment capability for KS9s. They expect this will include a new release of KS9 app that will support videochat / facetime for remote appts and adjustments.

This should substantially help all of us that want to work thru Costco, but are located significant distance away. They didn’t know schedules as of yet, but expect rollout over coming months. YAY!


Great info pckretz, thanks for the info, especially regarding disposable vs rechargeable batteries.

The remote programming would also be important for me.

I’ve been to two different Audi’s and neither one had remote services. They both said that clients/patients don’t know how to use the software to connect to them. It is not worth it to them. It just doesn’t work. :woman_shrugging: What are y’all finding out. That is a feature of the HAs bit not being used by Audi’s or HISs.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, the VA implemented remote support for Phonak & Oticon.
It’s been a game changer for sure.
My Audi at the VA told me the same thing you mentioned, most don’t have the “Tech knowhow” to use it.

I am looking forward to being able to use it with my new Oticon aids starting next week. I get my aids on Tuesday, and my Audi has said we will set up the remote app then. And I am hoping at some point to be able to get back to doing my volunteer work at the clinic so I can help others learn to use the apps.


Here in Cali we are still locked out of the clinics, but I was able to send the Phonak M-90’s back & get the Oticon S. My Audi programmed them based on my target, and mailed them to me.
I tried them for a week, made notes, and booked a romote appointment for some fine tuning, and I’m happy to say I am an Oticon Fanboy!
When the clinic opens, I’ll go in for REM, and that should do it.
I’m going to create a new thread with my personal opinions of the Phonak vs Oticon this weekend.