Need to know more about online hearing test

Hi, this is for my grandmother. Her hearing ability is too low. It’s really difficult to take her to the hospital. Then I hear about the online hearing test. Can anyone explain to me about that? which will be really helpful.

Any online hearing test is not going to be very reliable. Your speakers, computer, etc are not calibrated to be accurate. Call around and see about audiologists that do home visits


If taking her in for a hearing test is not possible, it’s possible you might find somebody willing to do a home visit.

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Gee Philipshernandez01 your heart is in the RIGHT place looking in to this for your dear grandma! I can’t speak about the online hearing test - so perhaps others can chime in.

But I CAN provide a bit of insight and advice about getting fit with hearing aids. It’s a bit more complicated than taking an online hearing test, submitting that to an online seller of aids (or buying some used one at eBay).

The thing is, when hearing fails, it typically does NOT come back. So over the long haul, your grandma would want to connect with a good audiologist in her neighborhood - close, convenient, and above all, competent and caring! I can not emphasize enough how a good relationship with one’s audi can lead to the BEST outcome for hearing issues. This can only happen over the course of time and developing that relationship.

Perhaps I’ve overworked it!