Need to choose next model for a 10 year old

Hi all
I just found this forum and it looks like it will be a great resource. I have a 10 year old son who was diagnosed at 15 months old with a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss that is in the moderately severe to severe range. I don’t have a current audiogram handy but it generally ranges from about 45 db down to 90 db and back up to about 60 db in both ears (this is from memory). He got his first Phonak analog aids at 16 months and by 18 months was in the school system’s Infants and Toddler’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing program for speech therapy. When he turned 3 and a half he then started a half day DHoH preschool program and at 4 and a half (he has a March birthday) he was going to school for all day DHoH preschool.
By first grade he was half day in a small group DHoH and half day in a regular classroom and by second grade he was fully mainstreamed with an FM system and some additional resource help.

He got his second and current set of aids about 5 years ago. They are Oticon Digifocus II compact power BTE. He had a tremendous jump at the time in his speech and language abilities and I’ll never forget the first time he heard the crickets at night with them in. Over the last few years we’ve had to get the aids replaced with refurbished ones about once a year because of moisture issues corroding the batteries and general failures. He’s a kid so he runs around a lot and gets sweaty easily.

He has had a lot of trouble with ear wax build up, ear infections (when he was younger) and lately with a cyst in the ear canal that required three surgeries (the last going in from behind the ear) to try to remove it. So he’s sensitive to his ears being messed with. I’d love it if he could use earmolds that didn’t occlude the entire canal but I don’t know if that is possible with his loss levels.

So, onto the current issue. It’s time to buy him a new set of aids as he will be moving on to middle school next year. His school audiologist (who has worked with him from day one) allowed us to buy his current set and new set from her (at cost!). She originally recommended either the Oticon Tago Pro Power or the Phonak Savia 311. Just the other day we spoke about the possibility of the new Phonak Naida though because of it’s water resistant feature.
Does anyone have any recommendation about waiting for the Naida versus the other two choices? Is there any other choice we should ask about?
thanks in advance.

I have fit tons of children with the tego with very good results…
However, for better results I would strongly suggest Oticon Safran…

Let me explain, Safran has the DSL 5.0 which is the protocol to fit hearing aids for children (a specific algorithm that should be follow)…
On the Other hand, DSL 5.0 is present in all Phonak Instruments…

If it has to be Phonak, the extra would be the instrument that would equate to the Tego bte…

BE SURE to have your Audi perform RECD and rem test IT IS IMPORTANT

I would strongly suggest a Pediatric Audi…

This audiologist is full time with the school system so I would assume that 100% of her work is pediatrics. He does get hearing tests done at a local hearing center but the school audiologist is the one programing his aids.

What is a REM and RECD?

strongly suggest to get familiar with the DSL M IO
check this out

I read about the RECD and DSL 5.0. The REM wasn’t mentioned on there but I assume it is a test with the hearing aid in place to see how it performs.

So if the Tego Pro doesn’t have the DSL 5.0 then I will lean toward the Phonak. Are there any reports yet on the water resistant Naida? Is it likely to be a lot more expensive than the Savia 311?

She also mentioned that one version will be available in February but the one that uses the size 13 batteries (so is therefore smaller??) won’t be available until April. Will it just be size difference between them or will there be other differences?

tego is cheaper
great instrument
if u lean towards phonak go for the Extra…

I would suggest safran if Oticon is what U want

Is the EXtra better than the Savia? I do have some flexibility with the cost and don’t need to scrape pennies together for this.

you could say that RECD is an alternative procedure to REM
you can not generally ask a child to sit still while you stick the probe inside
calibrate it, put the earmold c=and run the full tests

this is why you use RECD

No the extra es a mid price instrument…

If you could afford it I would go to the oticon epoq or the
Phonak Exelia (it is not available yet)…

Strickly speaking Epoq is not DSL 5.0 but I have fitted tons of children
with real amazing results…