Need suggestions on which brand and model of hearing aid to get

My insurance will kick in $2075 per ear and requires a $375 co-pay. My math says I can get HA’s worth $4525 at no cost to me but whatever tax is required. The “In plan” audi is local and I have an appointment later this month. My current HA’s are Costco Rexton Trax 42 with molds which are out of warranty and need a factory rebuild so I am looking. My Audiogram has deteriorated to profound sensor neural hearing loss. Cochlear implants were suggested by my ENT doctor. I am not mentally ready for that extreme step.

Please make suggestions to manufacture and model of HA’s that would be appropriate for my hearing loss. My needs are:

Powerful enough for my hearing loss
Improved word recognition
Iphone bluetooth connectivity
better noisy environment hearing speech.
better hearing my wife’s voice without always asking for repeat
automatic but with ability to select a program
high water resistance
tinnitus masking would be nice

I know a audiologist office is more expensive than Costco and I am willing to kick in more money. I just don’t want them to try to get me to purchase HA’s that are bottom of the barrel quality and high profit for them.

Please help and thank you.

My first thoughts on your situation and your audiogram leads to the Phonak hearing aids. The reason for a Phonak is their frequency lowering technology Sound Recover 2. It is questionable the best out at this time.

With your high frequency loss in the 100 dB range the RIC aids of all manufacturers are probably not the best choice, no room for more gain if needed. With that in mind the BTE aids would be best for your hearing loss. But, if you found that frequency lowering technology works well for you, I believe RIC aids could be used with good results.

I am a fan of Oticon and Phonak hearing aids but all modern hearing aids are very nice. All modern hearing aids will also connect with your iPhone with good results.

Giving Costco a try first might be what you like at a cost savings.
Using the forum “Hearing Centers” search might find a good local audiologist otherwise.