Need suggestion on buying a hearing aid to my father out of US

My father has hearing lose (sds64%、 sds72%) and I am thinking of buy a hearing aid for him as a gift in US. However, he is not in US, and could see any doctor here for fitting. I do not know too much about hearing aid product. I am wondering if there is any brand or model of hearing aid I can buy without any prescription and we can adjust it by ourselves. Your suggestions are great appreciated. My email:

if you want to adjust yourself you would need hi pro
this cost more that the potential savings,

If your father leaves overseas, do yourself a favor and transfer the money so he can get competent help. Most big companies have world wide reach,
siemens, Oticon, Phonak, widex and GN has dealer all over the world…

In case you dont know, HI are cheaper out the US… comparing apples to apples… If you buy it say in India, or china, the savings are substantial

A perfect case or situation for the type of system sold by HearSource, reasonably priced hearing aids that you can adjust on a home computer.

I own them, I wear them, and they work very well.

if you are chinese, I had a friend who bought a pair of delta 4000 for $900 dollars each… this is inexpensive right?

Do youself a favor, get them in your country and look for a good brand…

there are quite a lot manufactures who had great products…