Need sound triggered strobe or AC lights control


The only way I can enjoy TV and movies is to use Sony Noise Canceling headphones. The problem is that when I have the headphones on, I cannot hear the doorbell or door knocks, fire and smoke alarms, or alerts from appliances (oven, dishwasher, etc.).

I live alone in a quiet apartment and am looking for a device with a microphone and sensitivity adjustment that will turn on a light or flash a strobe when there is excessive noise in my apartment.

An occasional false strobe light wouldn’t bother me.

Has anyone seen a device like this?
Many thanks for any suggestions you may have.

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Assuming you are wearing hearing aids, have you tried streaming the TV sounds directly to your hearing aids and customizing the ambient sound from your hearing aid microphones by adjusting the microphone volume/bass/etc?

This requires a streaming device/TV adapter.

Might want to check out this website and look for similar sites: Hearing Loss | Hearing Impaired | Bed Shakers, Doorbell Signaler, Flashing Lights

Thank you, yes, I can stream the audio to my Phonak M90s, but the quality is far inferior to my headphones. Especially, music sounds terrible on my M90s; almost no low frequencies.

Also, headphones are easier to mute to allow ambient sounds to come through.

Thanks for your response!
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Thank you, yes. The nearest I can find is baby monitors. The link you provide also shows a Door Announcer Alert Device - but it requires the AM6000 control system. I am looking for something simple like the old-fashioned Clapper that controlled lights but then it has to respond to all noises.

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The iPhone, certain versions anyway, has a Sound Recognition feature that can be set to recognize an array of sounds, including appliances, sirens, door bell, and many others. It’s on my phone but I haven’t used it.

Thank you, I have an Android phone but will look for an app that can do that… it would be interesting if the app could stream a message to my headphone and identify the sound. I would prefer a simple light but may have to comp[promise.

I also found an Arduino kit that detects sound, but that would require some electronic work.

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