Need some advice

My numbers at the 4000 & 6000 levels are around 65. Lower freq are normal. I also hear crickets all the time…another artillery officer told me that is what he hears also.

I’ve been thinking about hearings aids to help hearing & get rid of cricket sounds. What do you think? I’ve been looking at a digital in canal aid from Hearing Pod. Any advice on this…or experience.

This is a new experience for me, but this forum is impressive. Thanks for any words.

any reciever in the ear or receiver in the canal with the sufficient
frequency range should do the trick…

However, I would suggest to check neuromonics, I have meet people
who had reduce their tinitus substantially. An option worht considering

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As a hearing professional, I’d have to recommend that you go see a hearing professional and get fitted with custom digital hearing aids, as opposed to buying some gadget off the Internet.

What you need are open fit hearing aids. They are available in four different formats. You have a tiny CIC device with a massive open fit vent in it (only a few companies can do this). Second there is a regular behind the ear device with a special attachment to an open fit ear bud. Third there is the very popular on the ear open fit device which either plays the sound through a micro tube into the ear, or has the loudspeaker in the ear.

Any one of these four solutions will work, although if your hearing is truly normal at the low frequencies the less that physically sits in your ear, the better you will probably like it.

Wearing hearing aids such as these will improve your hearing clarity, and in many cases will help reduce the tinnitus you are experiencing.