Need sifit for life 701 (Connexx6.5.5)

I have mini pro, Connexx 8 and Connexx 6.5.5 but the sifit file does not include Seimens life 701
HAs. Can anyone please help. Am new to this but not the having HAs. This forum is great Nd looks
like there a lot of HA users inthe same boat. Need help, but not the astronomical expense. Thanks if you can help.

I see it in my version of Connexx6.5.5 as a BTE. Where do you get software? I used cx655s6103.

I did a search on the forum and found a few places for the Connexx software, but only for Hansafit and Rexton. The links for Seimens life group are old and outdated. I just need the sifit 7.2. a search on here can find abouth anything, but Seimens software is hard to find. I purchased a disc with Connexx 7.2 which works great, but only has later version HAs fitting softwear on it. I was alos able to find new Update file here which updated the 7.2 to 8 with the latest sifit for the newset HAs. Still need sifit 7.2 with Life 701 on it for my current HAs. Thanks for your reply…

— Updated —

Where did you get cx655s6103?

This version of Cx655s6103 contains the Life 701