Need Options re Streaming TV to my ReSound Linx2 961's

Hello All! I am a total newbie — I was just fitted with my ReSound Linx2 961’s yesterday. I will be having lots of questions so will be on here frequently.

I’ve grown to love a pair of Brookstone headphones which wirelessly receive my TV’s audio from a Brookstone transmitter plugged into the television.

I see where ReSound sells their “ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2” which would put the audio right into my earing aids. But, the Unite is VERY expensive.

Does anyone have experience using any of the “TV bluetooth transmitters” I find googling around online. I’m wondering why I couldn’t pair my Linx2’s with a less expensive bluetooth source.

Like I said, I am a bigtime new user so please do not assume I’ll already know anything. Thank you! Jim

I currently have Linx 961, Jim, and I’m getting an upgrade to the Linx2 962 this week. I have paired my Linx 961 to other Bluetooth devices. However, I’ve found that doing so “unpairs” them from my iPhone, and I have to pair them to the iPhone when I’m done listening. So, I just use them with the Unite TV Streamer and the Mini-Mic. I find the Mini-Mic very versatile and you might want to consider it instead of the TV Streamer. You can plug it in to anything with an audio output jack. It’s very handy for attaching to the computer and, particularly when traveling. If the hotel TV does not have an audo output jack, I just place it near the speaker and it works quite well. The only negative is that the TV Streamer is stereo and the Mini-Mic is monoaural. The stereo on the TV Streamer is awesome, by the way. Unless you have a well placed surround sound system, you really don’t get the effect of stereo from the TV. But, with the streamer, it’s absolute. I’ve used the streamer for a little over a year now and I still find myself looking to the left or right when sound is pronounced from that direction

I highly recommend both the TV Streamer and the Mini-Mic. I hope this helps.


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I have the Resound TV transmitter 2 and it sounds great. It is easier to stop and start than the Bluetooth transmitter I have used, and it has no delay (some Bluetooth transmitters are not really made for TV and have a slight audio delay). With the bluetooth transmitters you have to have a Phone Clip+, which you may already have, but it has to be charged and on, to work with the bluetooth transmitters. The Resound TV transmitter sound goes directly into the hearing aids, but, if I get a call, it mutes the TV transmitter and takes the call from the Phone Clip+.

Bill and Don! You guys really loaded me up with new information!

You both obviously feel the Unite TV Streamer is worth its price. …it really bugs me that the thing costs what it does. It seems to me that the hearing aid companies have grown too used to being able to charge whatever the traffic would bear for their super-sophisticated and unltra-miniaturized electronics. I’m no expert but I’m thinking the advances of the past few years should be reducing the relative expense. …a guy can dream.

The Mini-Mic sounds like it might bridge the gap in a few situations.

Is it the case that, if I’m bluetoothed to my iPhone, the Phone Clip+ isn’t really necessary?

Okay! I have to post this before the Forum auto-logs me out again …and it’s time for bed!

Thank you again! Jim

You can stream music or sound from videos that way, and you can take calls that way but you have to speak into the iphone microphone, so it is not really hands free for phone calls. I wear the phone clip+ around my neck on a lanyard, under my shirt. I also use the phone clip+ at work. I have a Plantronics MDA200 connected to my office phone so I can take office calls using the phone clip+. The phone clip+ will also work with any generic bluetooth transmitter.

What the hell are they charging for the thing?

Check with Costco for the streamer, I think they get about $230.00 for it but that was a while ago.

$260 at Costco for the TV Streamer 2.

There are no Costcos up here in Maine — nearest is a few hours away in a suburb just north of Boston. But, I have a friend in CT who’s a regular at Costco. Maybe I’ll have her pick me up a ReSound streamer. You all seem to be VERY happy with its performance and quality.

You will not be disappointed, Jim. In fact, I think you will be so pleased that you will ask Santa to bring you a Mini-Mic. :slight_smile:

Let us know what you think after you’ve used it.