Need opinions on Starkey Destiny 1200 Canal Aids

Does anyone have this kind of aids? Do you like them? How is the service on this brand of hearing aid?

Check this post…Audibel is owned by Starkey:

I work for Audibel. I’ve found this system to be really outstanding. If your hearing specialist is any good they will have access to a set of behind the ear Destiny 1200 aids. They should be able to program them for your loss and let you listen to them with a disposable ear piece. Then you can hear for yourself if they are any good.

Starkey is one of the largest hearing aid companies in the world, and they spend over four years developing this system. I’ve personally fitted about 72 patients with them with outstanding success.

I have the bte Destiny 1200 and am very satisfied with them.

The new rhapsody/ destiny range is fantastic, I have fitted many, all with excellent results.