Need new ear molds for RIC (Phonak Audeo YES IX)


I have Phonak Audeo YES IX hearing aids. Previously, I’ve had the microPowers. These are both RIC/RITE/receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids.

I need ear molds that can fit power receivers.

I have problems in general with ear molds. The ear molds I used to get with the regular BTE hearing aids were a soft material (silicone) and these always irritated my ears. I use acrylic for my Audeo YES hearing aids because the material doesn’t irritate my ear.

But, I had to have a canal lock put on them (I actually started with acrylic with my microPowers), because it was clear they would slip out of my ear partially without the lock. And I promise you it was not because of a bad fitting that they were slipping.

The slipping became a problem, especially as I chewed and talked; I have TMJ issues and the TMJ/jaw issues make the hearing aids slip more I think (my current theory).

Anyway! I have also tried soft ear molds which were a disaster as not only did they break/rip, they also caused skin irritation. My skin would itch and itch and be red. Similar to what happened with BTE hearing aid ear molds.

It seems there’s always an advantage and disadvantage with each type of material. The acrylics slip and the soft silicone irritate. This is true for me at least.

I noticed recently that I will need to get new hearing aids as my earmolds with the canal locks have started slipping and whistling a little. Grrrr…

Oh!!! I should mention that when I switched from microPowers to Audeo YES, I also had moved and thus was seeing another audiologist. At first, I received ear molds that were acrylic and similar to my microPowers ones, however they were much longer and thus went into the ear canal more and didn’t have a canal lock.

My issue with those was that, at least from what I remember, since they were hard acrylic and long in length, there was less movement “allowed” (by the jaw, etc.) before the earmold was affected and moved; however, they were longer and feedback wasn’t so much an issue.

I asked my audiologist to order duplicates of the microPower ear molds with the canal locks as those were still very comfortable.

After a long journey, I finally was mostly satisfied, but to be honest it had been such a long road that I just was too tired to try other options. I didn’t know if there was anything else worth trying or if I gave up on the longer acrylic ones too soon.

I’m trying to remember all of this - much of it from memory.

I’ve been a hearing aid wearer, pretty much for life, and like everyone else, I still hate ear molds :wink:

Any suggestions?

If you would like me to clarify about anything or any experience, etc., please let me know.


Hi again!

I talked to another audiologist and she recommended asking my current audiologist to try the power domes because they mold to the ear better.

It makes sense to me because of the flexibility. The audiologist did say a drawback was there were no vents.

I’m thinking I may try this and/or the longer acrylic molds.

In the past, I was always wary of the non-custom ear molds, because they were always deemed inferior (in my mind), but perhaps that isn’t always true. I have heard of people wearing these domes with success.

What do people think?


Anybody have any advice? Thanks!

Sorry, not ignoring you here … just have no input. My own Yes IX’s, I have a custom mold with a vent from Westone that my audi ordered after taking a mold. They resemble CIC’s, but with a pocket for the receiver to fit into. I’ll have to ask her some day what they are made of, but it is not hard, nor is is soft, does have some give to it. No retension piece, and a vent hole bored from in to out. I had nothing to do with the ordering, just sat for the mold. She originally went with the custom mold to eliminate a feedback issue with the tips and a pair of Pures. When I switched to the Yes, she just ordered them as well.

I did a search for Westone RIC/RITE ear molds and they have ones made with silicone or acrylic.

I seem to remember having one made that I think was Westone at one point… I’m not sure. But the product broke; the receiver inside the mold came out and so it was a disaster.

I think it was silicone and I had irritation issues. The problem is that during the “fitting” appointment after receiving the molds, they always feel fine, but it’s only after a few days that irritation starts to occur because the ears adjust, etc.

I have the Oticon duals and I use the plus domes. Better fit and does not seem any difference in my hearing than the open domes.

Hearing aid wearer fo 25 years. Never found a hard mold, silicon mold that I could wear all day long until 2 + years ago. My ear canal is oval and has a moderate bend just inside my skull. All the molds were large and fit deep into the canal and extended into my outer ear. Got Starkey aids 2+ years ago. Ear mold problems solved. I could wear them 24 hours without any discomfort. Difference? The molds were small, speaker was in the mold, fit very deep into canal, did not extend into outer ear which meant they did not have to make the slight bend and there was no discomfort in the outer ear area.

I recently bought another highly touted brand to take advantage of new technology and their mold is larger and extends into outer ear. I cannot wear them more than 6-8 hours without discomfort and sores. Instruments are very good and help my profound loss, but large molds suck. Got to get molds comparable to Starkey. But cannot afford the improved Starkeys. Need the inner canal small molds.

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