Need More Volume from my Streamer

First-time HA wearer and I’m pleased with my Oticon Alta Pros. My speech recognition has really improved, and I am a lot more confident at my place of employment because I hear correctly the first time. I don’t feel like I’m a step behind all the time!

One challenge I have is with my Streamer Pro’s volume. Connected to a Motorola RAZR MAXX smartphone, I have good volume. Connected to my iPod v5, with both the streamer’s and iPod’s volumes maxed out, I’m still a bit shy of the best volume in a car.

Connected to the audio output of my sat receiver and my Blu-Ray player, the sound is definitely too low.

So, what amplification (if any) should I expect between the Blu-Ray player and the streamer? How to I maximize what it offers?

Thank for reading this and providing advice -


Using the volume control on the Streamer doesn’t get the volume loud enough? If it doesn’t ask your audi to see if something is wrong with the unit, my old style Streamer can get the volume level to the point of being uncomfortable.

Hmm, thanks. I maxed the streamer volume (doesn’t beep any more) and also on my cable-connected iPod, and it’s not loud enough to be comfortable riding in a car. I can make it out with effort but shouldn’t have to.

I don’t leave it at that level for normal hearing though. It does get to be too loud away from my iPod, satellite receiver and Blu-Ray player.

They’re on my list for my audi appointment. Thanks for your help!

I think the volume can be raised in the final fitting of the HA’s and the Streamer. I believe the settings for volume are soft, medium and high.

I would hope so - it’s on my list of things to tell my audi.

BTW, I didn’t know that a seemingly different program setting becomes available on the streamer when connected to other devices.

For example, when wire-connected to my iPod, my HA buttons are disabled so that I can’t change between my two program states. But, pressing and holding either volume button on the streamer, I get a third program state that’s optimized for hearing the iPod. Much better than it was originally!

It must be a new feature with the Streamer Pro because I don’t think my 1.4 Streamer will do it.

It’s pretty cool if it works the way it seems to. The outside sound is neutralized somewhat, like with Bose noise cancelling headphones, and the sound from the device is much clearer in this mode. Seems to work the same way between the streamer and the TV link.

Question - did you get the standup charger for the streamer? Looks like a good way to go, but I wonder about the plug going into the streamer the wrong way.

Yes, I got the standup charger for my Streamer but I don’t use it, to many times the Streamer didn’t drop in far enough end I ended up getting the red light of death and the beeping in my HA’s telling me it was about to die. I did end up with a charger that plugs into the lighter but the I also bought a portable power source made by Ryobi at Home Depot and I can get a lot of extra run time if I need it. Unfortunately, you can only get it through special order now because the HD stopped selling it in the stores.