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It’s me again, I am now wearing two Rexton Revo Plus BTE open ear aids; this is the same aid as Simens Centra with the mike in the ear and I am having no feed back problems and hear well at the movies, in church, watching TV, I can keep it low and hear. This is good, however, I still do not feel that I hear speech as well as I should. Perhaps I am expecting too much as I am picky and like perfection; I am so pleased with the BTE open aid as far as cosmetics; tonight my son was here and could not see the aids until I showed them him and I have very short hair. My loss is not severe and maybe I expect too much and I do realize that I cannot expect to hear as I once did. Do any of you have problems with hearing speech even when someone is close to you? I have been in for one adjustment and will go back a week from today for another if needed. Appreciate any advice or experiences that you have had. Let me add that these aids are so comfortable that the other night I forgot that I had them in and started to wash my ears; thankfully, I remembered as soon as the washcloth touched my ear. :slight_smile:

There are thousands of settings on most high quality digital hearing aids. There should be a lot your hearing professional should be able to do to help you. Keep in mind too that there is a period of adjustment as your brain re-learns to hear certain sounds.

I truly appreciate your input and you have helped me understand hearing aids better. I seem to be doing well with the Rexton Revo and think that I will be keeping them. I am concerned about wax build up in the mike, even though it has a special coating or cover that is supposed to keep wax out of the mike. My specialist has told me not to worry about that as he will handle any problem. I am using the remote as there are times that I like to control the sound for the situation; maybe I am a control freak. :wink: You seem like the type professional that I have working with me that really seems to care more about having their client hear the best possible than making a lot of money from a sale. I realize that you are both in the business to make a living but compassion means a lot to me. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

Thanks BluSu. I hope your aids work out for you. I have noticed a certain personality type does favor the remote :wink:

I appreciate the kind comments. If you look hard enough you will find industry professionals who care about what they do. I adopt the philosophy that if I do a good job, the money will come. And it does. Sadly, some ‘professionals’ have nothing but dollar signs in their heads when they spend time with a patient, and they are just looking to make as much money as they can with little regards to anything else, other than spending as little time and effort possible making the money. It’s sad. But glad you found a good one.

while I agree, it is important that you discuss with hearing care provider about realistic expectations. While most high end instruments have a great deal of different fiting parameters it is important to set the right expections.

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