Need KS10 Bluetooth advice for TV

I’ve had my KS10 aids for ten days. So far so good, and I’ve been enjoying all the new technology since my first Phonaks back in 2013. I apologize if this question has been addressed somewhere in here before.

My new aids connect beautifully with our Samsung TV which is less than a year old. The problem is that when they’re connected, my husband can’t hear anything. We have always just listened to the internal tv speakers with nothing external. What are our options that would allow me to connect and listen via BT and at the same time allow my husband to hear the tv in the regular fashion?

Thanks for any and all advice! I feel like a newbie again with these new aids!

Getting the Phonak / KS10 TV Connector would solve this issue.


Where would you buy that? Would it be through the hearing aid specialist, or what? And thank you for that suggestion.

Costco sell them, I believe for $99.

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Thank you for your help, and I will check that out!!

I second the TV Connector. Find the one with the buttons on top. You’ll prefer the optical out connector if the tv has it. eBay also has them. The Costco and Phonak will work.

But there should be a way to be able to listen to both out of the tv. The problem will be audio lag behind the video.

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Definitely agree, TV Connector is the best solution. In terms of sound quality, sound delay (lag), and handling. If connected via Toslink the TV speaker will remain active.

But maybe there is a short-term solution for you. Most newer Samsung TVs allow you to activate speakers and Bluetooth at the same time. Look in the settings under audio or accessibility for something like multiple outputs. Set this to ON (dot lights up green).

You will probably hear a strong echo because of the delayed sound output via Bluetooth.
You can usually set this on the TV as well. Search for the audio delay.

Long-press on the down-button on your HA mutes the HA’s mics. The sound-delay will be less hearable.
This feature should be activated for HAs by default. If not, you may ask your audi to activate it.

If you can’t find the settings: Which TV type do you have? I can then search for the manual and help you.

TV-Connector 2.0 (with the buttons) might be difficult to get at the moment because of the chip shortage. But I would recommend waiting for this if it works as described above.

Hope this helps :blush:

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Thank you for this info. I looked in the settings and in the e-manual and I don’t think we have that option with the speakers. Ours is the Samsung QLED Q8DA 65” Costco edition.

I’ll try to download the manual tomorrow. Please give me some time.

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I found the following in the manual:


I hope this helps.

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I purchase the Connector about 6 weeks ago and could not be happier with it. Listening to the TV with them is amazing. With the sound volume independent of the TV volume I don’t hear complaints about turning the Volume down by others in the house. The range is very good. I like being able to keep hearing tv when I go into the kitchen and even listen to news programs with the tv volume from the set turned all the way down to 0 while my wife and I play cards. The sound quality I hear through my hearing aids is also very good. I can hear more details like dramatic background sounds when listening to a movie.
I waited months to get Connector when Costco couldn’t get them in but at the time I got them they were able to order and in about a week I was able to pick them up.
I told my brother that being able to get the TV Connector was worth him upgrading his old hearing aids to KS10’s so that he could listen to tv using the Connector and the KS10 hearing aids.


Is this the version with, or without, volume buttons?


I went through the settings to the “Accessibility” part and alas our tv didn’t have the hearing options, just vision options. Thank you so much for looking though!!

My TV Connector has the volume buttons.

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Then that is equivalent to the version 2.0. Very nice!


You all were so helpful with your insight, advice, and help!! Just wanted to say that I had my two week check last Tuesday and ordered the TV Connector. It arrived yesterday and it works perfectly!! I’m so loving my KS10 aids!!


I’m so happy for you!


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