Need info on how being inside creates a sound barrier

How good of hearing protection can being inside a house provide when a miter saw or chop saw is being operated around 5 meters away outside a house?
Miter Saw produces approximately 103 dbs. Chop Saw produces approximately 106 dbs

At what distance are those sound levels produced? Sound level in dB drops by 6 for every doubling of distance, independent of exterior factors.

Ex. If it’s at 0.5 m, then at 1 m it’s 100 dB, 2 m it’s 94 dB, 4 m it’s 88 dB. Add in house attenuation and you’re well under OSHA limits.

That said, lots of people do wood working in their garages all the time. I have. Wife still has perfect hearing. Granted, that’s anecdotal.

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You can download a sound level meter app on your smart phone and measure it yourself. There are too many variables (2x4 walls or 2x6 walls, amount of insulation, single, double or triple pane windows etc) to get any good answers to your vague question.

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Use plugs and app on phone and just measure. That’s the only correct information for your situation.

I’ve just checked specs for our miter, it says 103 dB is for sound power level (Lwa) but 97 dB is the sound pressure level (Lpa) for person working on that machine aka ears are not placed beside the blade, we hope :wink:
Here’s one calculator:
If we assume the same numbers as @phobos512 suggested 0.5m for worker distance, then with 97 db there you get 77 db at 5m distance, air only.

Sound dB falls significantly by going through various materials in addition to the distance.

So real question is do you want to protect yourself from noise of others or are you worried if you’ll disturb others. If second - ask for feedback + measure what you can. If first: close the windows and other openings; add more layers of walls/obstacles/turns between you and the source. Or wear plugs or other proper ear protection.