Need help with streaming audio from my laptop to KS9

Here is my problem folks, I have KS9 and I am trying to stream audio from my laptop via Bluetooth which isn’t working well, it constantly shuts off, so I was thinking about using TV connector but the issue is: 1. I don’t know if it can actually connect to my laptop since laptops don’t usually come with optical ports and 2. I don’t know which unit to buy that will work with KS 9 . HELP.

I know others have used a TVConnector with a laptop. I think they use the analog audio cable that’s also included. You could also try a new bluetooth dongle. I use an inexpensive Insignia BT dongle from Best Buy and it works fine on my desktop. Unfortunately it seems pretty hit and miss for what works.

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Use the analogue 3.5 and it works great with my KS 9s and now my KS 10. Have Costco set up your aids on automatic to the TV Link or you can experience fading in anc out between TVLink and Bluetooth.

Perfect stereo sound and real clear for Zoom meetings, etc

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FWIW, I have KS10’S and have had trouble w/BT streaming from my Dell laptop. Every time the computer awakens I have to reconnect the aids and that means turning off/on to put them in pairing mode, which sometimes fails. I also bought an ASUS USB BT500 adapter. First day that worked beautifully but since then no better than the built-in BT.

This morning, BT would not connect (via the ASUS) even with the aids fresh out of the charger (thus in pairing mode for 3 minutes). I’ve also had recent problems with the Easy Line app on my iPhone failing to connect to the aids for the past 2 weeks. But the phone itself streams (except once a few days ago).

I have an appointment @ Costco this Sunday to se if they can fix something.

The TV connector is great for this purpose.

You shouldn’t need to re-pair. With mine, the most I have to do is to go into bluetooth settings and connect to them.

Thanks a lot gang, so I decided to replace my laptop, I really wanted a 15" or >, and that fixed the issues I was having with my BT audio. I am pretty sure now that it’s hardware related.

PS I replaced ASUS Zenbook with LG Gram. Both slim machines but LG just works soo smooth with everything even my KS9s.

well, your costco maybe better than mine, where I live there is only one costco with in 50 mile radius, and the support level in HA center is so-so, good people just not trained well.

LG Grams seem really nice. Remarkably light for their size.

At my Costco appointment Sun. the lady pointed out that I need to re-pair the Easy Line app (via “forget”). I had been re-pairing the phone in Settings. Now Easy Line works. She also changed the domes to a slightly larger size, which fit better.

The ASUS BT adapter works no better than the built-in BT adapter, so after trying both several times, I’m back on the built-in. The ASIS works with my desktop so I’ll keep it.

And then a surprise. This morning (Mon.) after I turned on the aids & waited considerably longer than the 3-minute pairing period, I tried streaming from a radio station without connecting first and they work! (This is using the built-in adapter).

Dunno if my problem is fixed or if this is just an anomaly but I’m enjoying streaming now.

Further update:

Roughly half the time BT streaming works when the computer wakes-up (once even after a reboot) without my needing to put the aids in pairing mode.

An easy way to tell if BT is connected is to hit the volume-up key. If it reports 100%, which I use for the speaker than BT is not working. If ~20%, the level I use with BT then BT is working.

But at the moment, BT does not work. The computer has been in sleep mode about an hour.