Need help using Oticon Hearing aids and Multiple Oticon TV Adapters

Like most people, I have more than 1 TV, so, after seeing on Page 13 of this Oticon App Users Mnl, I can connect to another TV Adaptor, which I recently bought. Now I have 2 TV adapters, each connected to a different TV. Paired each Adapter to my hearing aid and can hear each TV through my Hearing Aids.
Here’s the issue. Using the Oticon App, I can NOT Select which TV Adapter I want to receive the signal from. I DO NOT have a TV Box 2 option to select from!! Only P1 and TV Box 1!! How can I ADD TV Box 2 to this menu on the Oticon APP?

If you have OPNS aids you will see the option for selecting the different TV adapters, but you will not if you either don’t have the latest firmware update or you have the OPN aids.

On the Battery door, mine has Opn 1. How does one get the ‘latest firmware update’???
Glad to hear someone knows something about this Subject.
Thanks in advance.
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Then you are stuck at being paired to only one tv adapter at a time. You have to have the OPNS aids with the 8.0 firmware to be able to switch between devices

Thanks. Nothing but the finest for our Vets!! LOL!!
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Has nothing to do with the VA. How long have you had the aids?

I have been wearing aids for just over 16 years. 14.5 years with VA providing my aids. The OPNS aids almost 2 months

The ON app (version 2.1.0) on my ancient iPhone 6+ reports the Firmware and Hearing aid Serial number. From the ON Home screen, select “Hearing aids”, then hit the > for either the Left or Right and you should see a screen with the Firmware version and serial number. My OPN S 1 aids are at 8.0 (done last fall). I wish Oticon published a readily available list of firmware versions with the changes/fixes in each so one would know if you need to visit your provider to update firmware to fix issues. My older OPN 1 aids (now spares) are at firmware 6.1 but I don’t know if that is the most recent.

If you have the correct wired programming equipment and software you can update the firmware yourself. However, it is probably best to have your provider do it for you if you need a firmware update if you are not an experienced do-it-yourself type.

I don’t know if the Android version of ON works the same or reports the same info.

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My understanding they work about the same

Something less than 2 years.
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I think this is still the latest firmware (6.1) for the original OPN 1.

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Yes 6.1 is the correct version for the OPN aids, and 8.0 is the latest for the OPNS

Less than 2 years.
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I believe the OPNS became available in the late spring of 2019. And even then they would not allow more than one TV adapter, it was the update to 8.0 that gave that capacity I believe sometime this spring.

I C. Most everyone has more than one TV. I even have one in my hobby room/shop that I use old aids to connect to TV. Works, but I must switch out hearing aids.
Maybe Oticon can update my aids program so I can have more than one TV/ adaptor??? Ya think??
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