Need help pairing OPN 1 MiniRITE to iPhone

I am unable to pair my Oticon OPN 1 miniRites to my iPhone 6. (I got them today and they are my first ever hearing aids.) I have downloaded the Oticon App, but my phone just keeps searching. Any suggestions?


On your iPhone, make sure Bluetooth is turned on first, then go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Hearing Devices. Open and close your OPN 1 battery door to reboot it. It should appear on your Devices list under the Hearing Devices window. Click on it and it’ll ask if you want to pair it with Bluetooth and click yes. It’ll ask you twice, once for each device. Then it’ll take you to the next window and show that you’re connect for both the L and R OPN.

If you have an iPhone, you must do the above to connect. You can’t connect them via the ON app. But after you’ve established connection via the steps above, when you open up the ON app, you’ll see that the ON app itself will try to connect to both your OPNs at the bottom.

Thanks, Unfortunately these steps just aren’t working for me. I’m wondering if it’s something in the programming. My audiologist couldn’t get them to pair either. Also, this is the first pair of rechargeable they have programmed and had to download the software specifically for the rechargeable. I’m wondering if it could be in the programming of my hearing aids. I so love these hearing aids, just wanted to play around. Thanks for the assist; I may have to call them on Monday. Perhaps I will visit an Apple store to make certain it’s not my phone. My phone just keeps searching…

Thanks again,

If your phone is “searching” would that not imply that it does have not internet connection or that the destination site is unavailable? Perhaps you need to ‘white list’ the destination in some software you use to control such things. If that is germane in the Apple empire.

I’m very surprised to hear that there’s a new software specifically made for the rechargeable option. I thought that it’s just a simple retrofit of the empty battery door with the OEM ZPower batter door (with the charging control circuitry built into the new batter door) and it’d just be a physical replacement. Maybe the voltages delivered by the Zpower battery are different and had to be accounted for by the OPN software.

I’ve heard of some folks on this forum having some problem with connection and they had to reset their iPhone to the factory default to clear up some issues before they could reconnect to the OPN. I wouldn’t take this drastic step yet, but I’d try doing a simple reboot of the iPhone first to see if it’d help reconnect. If not, a visit to an Apple store to get them to help you with a complete factory reset and restore would be next on my agenda if you’re not comfortable about doing it yourself at home. But from what I heard, it’s not as painful as many people thought it’d be, as long as your stuff is already backed up on the cloud ready to be restored.

Do you have an iPad or iPod at home you can try to connect your OPN with? At least to see if that would work any better?

It would seem so, but it does have internet connection. The destination should be the hearing aids, so I’m wondering if they might not be set up completely. I went in yesterday and that’s when they learned that they needed to download software specifically for the rechargeable model; I had to return today. Mine were the first to be programmed at the clinic. But it would seem that the hearing aids should already have what they need to pair. I wish I was more technologically inclined!

Thanks for responding!

If you find your phone “searching” for the OPN (indicated with a circling dot) in the Hearing Devices section, that implies that it had connection to the OPN before but has now lost that connection and is trying to search to reconnect. This has happened to me several times before and the solution that worked for me is to “Forget This Device” on the iPhone (at the bottom of the window), then reboot my OPN to make it discoverable again by the iPhone before I accept the new pairing again.

And no internet connection is required for pairing between the OPN and the iPhone. They don’t connect via the internet. They connect via the Apple proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy protocol.

I’m not sure if the OP even got to this “searching” stage yet. I’m assuming that the OP has never been able to connect to the iPhone even once yet, which is a different kind of problem than “searching”.

By the way, after the new firmware 4.0 update I got recently, OPN connection to my iPhone is now pretty rock solid without any lost connection anymore.

The OP said he just got his OPN today so I assume that he’s on firmware 4.0 already.

Oh my gosh. You gave me an idea! I turned my phone off and then back on and I’m Connected!! Thank you all sooooo much!!! You have no idea what an amazing day this has been for me. for the first time in a very long time I heard birds sing, the wind rustling in the trees, my neighbors dog bark, and now I’m connected to my iPhone!

Thanks again!


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