Need help identifying Oticon hearing aids

Does anyone know what series of Oticon hearing aids these might be?
All I know for sure is they are Oticons and take 312 batteries.
Are they Ria2 Pros?
If so, do those cover severe to profound hearing loss?


Normally aids for severe and profound take either size 13 batteries or size 675 batteries.

No they will NOT cover a severe to profound loss. Slim tubes typically can only cover to a moderate loss.

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This is what I suspected.
My one ear is much worse than my other(you can see my results in my profile), and the audiologist that I visited a few weeks ago suggested the Oticon OPN S series for my loss (with a 2nd choice being the Phonak Marvels, I believe).

I haven’t gone forward with anything, and someone offered these to me as they are no longer needed.
I am trying to identify what HAs they are and whether they might be programmable for my loss.

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FYI: I personally would recommend the Starkey Livios or the Oticon OPN S, for their advanced feedback technology. I successfully have treated to 8,000 Hz @ 85dB with open tips with very little feedback.


Could you do me a favor and turn the tip where the dome is to the side and take another photo. I’m not sure I agree with @renew.hearing that these are using slim tubes. It looks like there may be a receiver there, and I would like to see what size it is.

That being said, @renew.hearing is correct that it is unlikely these will reach a profound loss. Never hurts to check, though.

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I think these are Oticon Epoch hearing aids. I loved these! And still have them as back ups to my back ups. You can add a P100 receiver and boost the capabilities. You will need to get these tuned and set to your hearing needs. They are old (15? years) and no longer supported.

These are likely to be CROSS models, looks like one is slim tube and the other is a receiver, but either way don’t waste your time with these old models you can get so much better on eBay or even new from Costco.

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I’ll try to get more pictures later and post them :slight_smile: They are not currently in my possession. I was trying to see if it would be worth it to bother with them or to see if they would even work with my hearing loss. I do believe they are RIC but I’m not 100% sure. I only saw them briefly.

They do look like the Epoqs. I don’t think they are though, as the person that had them did not have them nearly that long. They also did not come in a case like what is shown when I googled the Epoqs. They came in this case

that looks like either the Ria, Alta or Nera2!

if your loss is profound, you might need something like the Xceed UP or the EnzoQ SP (by Resound)

normally they are! :smiley:

My only contribution is not to depend too much on the case for identification. Two different occasions my Audio just pulled one out of the drawer and handed it to me, obviously unrelated to the model.