Need help getting Grandma new hearing aids

I was hoping to get some guidance. I need to find new hearing aids for my 89 year old grandma. She’s been wearing the same ones for 10+ years and she’s developed an allergy to the plastic. For years she has refused to even consider spending money on a new pair, but now she’s getting ready to enter an assisted living home and has agreed to get some.

I don’t know much about her hearing loss really; only that she does not properly hear and I know that her mind is sharp still, but the rest of the family don’t think it’s her hearing. I’m gonna assume she has analog ones since they are so old.

Her sight is very poor due to mac and the numerous surgeries for it causing scars. Small and invisible certainly isn’t what we’re hoping to find for her. My mom doesn’t know how to use the internet and has tasked me with finding these, but I am disabled myself. Becuz it triggers headache and eye pain I cannot read too many posts, or too long of posts, so I’m not able to sift thru all the info quickly and time is of the essence; she hopes to be out of her house before winter. The cheaper the better; tho she has the money all concern is upon how much will be left to her kids. My uncle controls everything in her life at this point. I’ll have to sell whichever ones seem best for her to him, so I will need a lot, A LOT of info.

Any help or direction would be oh so very much appreciated.

much love to all =]

Take your grandma to an audiologist firstly, that is very important!
And audiologist can give you the best suggestion!