Need help finding a way to hear on a Landline telephone handset

I recently purchased the Phonak - MicroPower IX and love them so far except for when I try to use a landline telephone. No matter what I do I am unable to hear on the landline phones I try. However, the HA’s work great with my cell phone which is wonderful except I need to answer the landline telephone at work as I am the main person answering calls.

My office has the Nortel T7316E (NT8B27JAAA) model telephones. Even though it’s suppose to be HA compatible it does not have enough power for me to hear a thing on it. Any suggestions?

Does anyone know of any company that sells just HA compatible landline handsets with strong hearing coverage that would work with the Nortel phone?

You don’t say if your using the telecoil function on your HA. Otherwise, you can get a headset to attach to your phone that has it’s own volume control.

First of all, I’d check to see if the phone is malfunctioning.

I would suggest you approach the right person in your company, and that they contact their local Nortel vendor and see if they have any solutions.

I remember that Plantronics had standalone amplifier units that allow you to adjust incoming and outgoing volume to their headsets.