Need help choosing Hearing Aid


I have been using a hearing aid for 8 years or so. I have Starkey Soundlens CIC that I got a couple of years back. I had chosen CIC due to my look and lifestyle. It is uncomfortable and does not eliminate background noises especially in the restaurant.

I am looking for RIC this time and need help choosing it, my aud recommend Starkey Livio 2400. But it looks like 2 year old and I want to leverage new technology. I am using Samsung Note 8 and need bluetooth connectivity as well. My insurance covers 80%. So I am open for any good HA recommendation. Below is my hearing chart

Any advise on good HA?

Thanks in advance and stay safe.

If you want direct streaming without additional devices eg around the neck then unfortunately phonak marvel edition is the only one currently.

If you want to buy new phone, but stay on android, then samsung s9 and above are supported with resound, if I remembered correctly.

If you want to buy iphone, any big provider.
If you don’t mind additional device, I think any big will do something, I don’t know if there’s difference now who streams only calls vs all sounds and calls.

At least that’s what I’ve gathered.

Oh, sorry, hansaton and unitron should have androids directly (another two of sonova brands, like phonak is), they just don’t have roger receivers built in, and I want those mics as well.


Thanks Blacky - my audy says that Starkey Livio 2400 can stream without any devices if you have android S8 and later. I have note 8 but willing to upgrade to newer android phone.

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Hello Blacky I have the Starkey 2400 AI aids got them back in sept. 2019 I am very happy with them it took a couple of trips back to the audi to get them just right and a couple of programs for restaurnt’s and one for large rooom such as church. I have a iphone 2 or 3 years old and the aids stream directly to my aids and I have not had any issues with them each time I have updated my phone.

I have a TV streamer that works very well and I also have a remote mic for when I am in large group trainning session’s that works well at least before covid19 stoped all that.

I have also used the live listen system on the phone with good success.

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@tiko @Grandpaw that’s great information, thanks! So it streams all music no matter which app plus phone calls including whatsapp and such?

My heart is set on roger mics, but there’s been some problems with them, more precisely I can’t buy pen 1.1 iN version in Germany which would directly connect with marvels I’m testing, so hearing about other provider who does android well, is really good to hear. I have s8, and it serves me well, so I don’t want to upgrade phone AND HA AND buy mics… Budget can’t handle all of it this year :joy:

I’m not sure about this. What you need to find out is if your android smartphone is capable of ASHA. It needs at least android 10 but the manufacturer may not have implemented ASHA in his android 10 (this is not a must-be-implemented feature).

For bluetooth connections to android devices for changing properties in your hearing aid you can use older android devices that implement bluetooth 5.0 LE (low energy). But this is not enough for streaming.

Grandpaw is talking about iPhones, not android. With an iPhone direct streaming is available since a couple of years already. That’s called MFi (made for iPhone) in contrast to Sonova’s MFa (made for all, using the old classic BlueTooth 4.0) and in contrast to ASHA (technically “made for android”).

For detailed technical info about ASHA see

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