Need help choosing HA for my 7 y.o son. Epoq?

I would love to know if others have used the Epoq for kids and been happy with them. It is so hard as a mom to know what is best for a child…they don’t give a lot of feedback. My son has a mod/sev. loss. His first HA were oticon digifocus II, then Unitron unisom 6. He needs a new pair and my Audi is reccomending the Epoq XW, she seems really impressed with their technology and clarity. My hang up is how fast tech. is changing. I pay top $ now, just to have it outdated in 1-2 years. Having said that, I don’t mind paying more if it will truely benifit my son and help him in the classroom setting especially. I was quoted $4400.00 for the pair, which sounds good from what i have seen. I was also looking at Bernafon Bright, and Seimens Centra (but unsure how they stack up to the Epoq).

Thank you to anyone that can offer some advice or experience with kids.

personally, i think it will be a big step- the siemens centra is abig bellow
and the Siemens pure should be @ par although I do not have details of it as it still a new instrument… I have fitted alot of children and there is a big different as reported by the teachers…
If he use an FM, there is now a FM receiver for the 312 batery which is really small…

That said, Centra or Epoq are both great choices for your kid. he will love them both of them support pediatric fittigns

I was born with a Hearing loss that was severe that grew to profound. I have used the Siemens Centra and I must say those are the best pairs I have had yet.

I am not familiar with the other brands you mentioned.

Good Luck

is she is looking at the brite then he must be moderate to severe at the most

what did you mean by the centra was a big bellow? So have you had equal success with both in regards to kids? Yes, my son has a mod/sev. loss bouncing up and down between 40-75db. His done density is better than that, but he always seems to have some chronic middle ear stuff going on. which leads me to another question. Would he do better with the open fit vs molds? I want to try them. My audi says he is right on the border and should probably have molds again.
Thank you for your time and help. I really like our audi, but it is nice to get outside feedback when making a big decision and large purchase like this.

sorry one last question. what is a good price for these aids?

thanks to everyone for your input.

My advice is to get something with an earmold.
Let me explain, the brite is similar to the delta meaning it has a receiver in the ear. which means it can only fit a certain amount of loss in the lower frequency i believe is about 40 dbhl or so… To fit up to 80dbhl you need to have a micro mold. Problem is a micromold you need straight 9mm canal
and generally children has small ear. So im guessing, I micromold is not really a viable solution for him (i might be wrong)…

What you could do is get something either like the centra or like the epoq…
with a earhook. While the epoq does not offically use a thin tubing (you can order an earhook or receiver in the ear)- it can use a Corda 2- just like the new vigo… I fit a lot of children I prefer a earmold over a regular thin tubing,
it has better frequency response (there is an article on hearing review last month)…

Now if he has cronic ear infections, a rite instrument is out of the question…
if he is old enough it might be worth having him enable the volume control…

If you are looking for value- I recomend the epoq V- it has DSL 5.0 which is the ideal fitting formula for children. However, Be aware the DSL is also a formula and a PROTOCOL for verification - so make sure your audi perform
Real ear measurement or RECD … this is very important, as the acoustic of a child greatly differ from an adult?

if your audi has DSL 5, and performs RECD or REM you would be able to see,
in one screen the threshold, the uncortable level and I would run @ least 3 voice like signals, Soft 45 or 50 dbspl , speech 65 and 80…

you will be able to see exactly, how the aid works.

This protocol is valid to any hearing aid outthere