Need help and advice for Bluetooth

I am brand new to this forum. I found it looking for information on Digital aids with Bluetooth capabilities. I have a moderate to profound hearing loss and have been told open fit aids will not work for me. Not powerful enough apparantly. I currently wear analog CICs I got 9 years ago. Starkey Sequal Ts. I will be buying new aids this coming FEB or MAR. I sort of got burned the last time I bought aids and am rather gunshy shopping again. I have rather small ear canals. When they made my CICs they had to refit me 26 times over the course of about 15-16 monthes. Very Frustrating and emotionally draining. At the time I was 21 and very self conscious about my hearing loss. Now I am 34 and have accepted this fact and more open even with strangers. So onto the real issue here. What things should I look for in BTE aids with Bluetooth? I am a trucking dispatcher and communication on the phone and Nextel 2 way radio is critical. I am hoping digital quality will improve this. My analog aids are not doing me much good. I know they are old too. So I want digital aids with Bluetooth to improve my communication. Thanks for listening and I appreciate any advice you share.

Tacoma, WA


Welcome to the forum!

Take a look at the Phonak Micro Power, which is a small BTE like the other open fit devices, yet have the receiver (speaker) in the ear. They have a tip that is custom made like your cic’s with the receiver nicely tucked inside the tip.

This combined with the Phonak Smartlink/My Link will probably be the ultimate bluetooth system for you.

Alternatively you could also use the Phonak Savia or Eleva BTE with the traditional tube/earmold fitting coupled with a mini FM Receiver and use the Smartlink with that also.

Thirdly, you can use the ELI bluetooth adaptor attached to a digital BTE with traditional tube/earmold.

This type of setup, though, is very uncommon and many dispensers/audiologists are not very familiar with, so you really need to do your homework yourself, unfortunately.

Let us know how it goes for you.

Hi Fred,
I am new to this forum also, so please bear with me.
I recently purchased new hearing aids. Like you, I could no longer wear cic’s and had to go to BTE.
I have tell ya, now that I have the Bte’s, I wouldn’t go any other way.
They are a lot easier to take care of. I was consatantly sending in my cic’s for repair.
Like you I also have small ear canals, and fitting was a problem.
As far as make and model, I don’t know. I search and search trying to get reviews on different makes and models and what I found was this.
I believe it is a matter of preference. I’m not so sure that one is better than the other.
Everyone out there it seems wants to sell you hearing aids that will do just about anything except the laundry.

The make I just bought is an Audibel, Juno. No guns and whistles. Just what I need. I like it. I have had good luck with it and no problems.

Just try and be sure your not buying a aid that has all the comforts of home, but that you really cannot use depending on your hearing loss.

This is where your audiologist comes in. If he is honest enough, he will sell you exactly what you need and not anymore. That’s how you can tell if your audiologist is interested in your loss or making a sale.

I also purchased an Eli bluetooth for my aid and it is great.

Hope this helpps